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Bosley Hair Transplant Reviews for men and women hair loss sufferers considering surgical hair transplant as an option.

Bosley Medical is one of the largest hair restoration clinics in the world. It has consultation offices and surgical facilities in almost every major cities in the US. Many have seen their commercials on TV and advertisements in the media.  There are numerous doctors working at Bosely and they have countless satisfied patients over the years, including many celebrities and high profile individuals.

That being said, please note that hair transplant is a surgical procedure after all. As such, there will always be certain risks associated with the procedure (albeit small), whether it be at Bosley Medical or other clinics. While statistics show that the majority of hair transplant patients worldwide in general are very pleased with the outcome, there are indeed a small minority who reported unsatisfied results for some reasons, whether justified or not.

Some of the commonly cited complaints among unsatisfied hair transplant patients in general are poor yield, pluggy or unsightly unnatural hairlines, and scarring. Note that this applies to ALL clinics in the world, and not specific to Bosley. The truth is that even the very best hair transplant doctor in the world is bound to have his fair share of unhappy clients, whether the complaints are justified or not.

Sometimes, it is purely an "expectation gap" being that the patients are simply unrealistic with their expectations and hence they blame the doctor or the clinic when the results are not what they originally had in mind. Please be mindful that although hair transplant can effectively restore one's hair to a certain extent, it will never be able to give someone his or her teenage density back. It is just impossible. So if a patient goes into a hair transplant procedure thinking that he or she will regain all the lost hair, the fault is not necessarily with the doctor or the clinic. Of course, that is assuming that the clinic had already properly communicated to the patient what can be expected from the procedure in the first place.   

One thing to remember is that there is no guarantee when it comes to hair transplant. No one doctor or clinic can guarantee you a certain outcome. Whether you are choosing Bosley or some other clinics for your hair transplant procedures, the key is RESEARCH. Try to talk to as many doctors and patients as possible before making a decision. Go with the reputation of a particular doctor rather than the reputation of a clinic in general. After all, it is the doctor who will be doing the work. The general rule of thumb is to go with someone who has a proven track record, has many years of experience in hair transplantation, and consistent results over an extended period of time.

If you would like to read Bosley hair transplant reviews or are interested in talking to existing Bosley hair transplant patients about their experiences, email us at or fill out the form below.

When in doubt, you can always start with our Hair Transplant Forum where many veteran patients are happy to answer your questions.

For more hair transplant advice or to arrange a free hair transplant consultation with a qualified doctor near you, email

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