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Dubai, UAE Hair Transplantation brings you Dr. Alvi Armani, world's highly acclaimed hair transplant surgeon. Combining unparalleled artistic skills with state of the art cutting edge FUE hair transplant techniques, every patient is like a model from GQ magazine. Every procedure is artistically crafted with YOU in mind!

Ibn Sina Building, Block D, Suite 102, Dubai Healthcare City
Dubai, U.A.E  - serving Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia region.

FUE hair transplant fue stands for follicular unit extraction. This is now the most advanced technique offered by Dr. Armani. No knife, no stitches, no permanent linear scarring. This new hair restoration technique is now the most commonly sought after alternative to traditional hair transplant procedures. Dr. Armani is one of the few few FUE exclusive clinics in the world.

armani hair transplant

Dear Patients,

I would like to take this opportunity to explain AlviArmani’s techniques, and how we carry out our procedures. I entered the field of hair restoration due to the immense demand I saw all around me. I have seen a negative effect on sufferers of hair loss and hair thinning. Men and women becoming emotionally scarred, their social lives and careers ruined from their hair concerns. They felt sad and depressed when thinking about how others perceived their appearance.

I became a doctor to help people. Procedures being carried out at the onset of my training shocked me. Many men’s post- procedure hair lines appeared worse than before their hair restoration. This prompted all my efforts into developing a method of hair transplant that would bring clients as close to nature as humanly possible. Researching art, nature and science, I was able to achieve the most natural, artistic, and scientifically advanced hair restoration technique known to the world today.

Using the newest technology and our minimally invasive procedure of hair transplants, we minimize pain and scarring, giving you a natural hairline.

Our patients are happier and much more successful in their lives than they would be had they not undergone a hair transplant at AlviArmani. It gives me great satisfaction that my dedicated staff and I, can make such a difference in people’s lives.

We are well known in the industry for our artistic approach, integrating the best scientific methods with creativity and artistic sensibility. Satisfied patients that visit our hair transplant centres from all corners of the globe reflect our reputation of excellence.

Yours truly,
Dr. Antonio Armani
Medical Director

Be sure to check our Dr. Armani Dubai hair restoration before and after photos gallery. You will be surprised what the Armani clinic can do for both men and women with hair loss and thinning hair in and around Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia region. 


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Alvi Armani

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