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TE recovery?? (Telogen Effluvium)

posted by Anne E-mail, 05.04.2009, 22:49

Hi there JamieRoe. Let me just tell you that reading your posting helped me sooooooooo much. I stopped taking birth control after 5 years in January 2009 and late February / early March my hair started falling out in clumps! I'm the type that could usually brush her hair after a shower and lose less than 10 hairs. It's been a little over a month for me (maybe 6 weeks) and I am now noticing the thinning effect:(

Most of the stories I've read online are horror stories about this condition. I know it will stop once my hormones get back in check and I'm trying not to believe the negative stories I'm reading but it's hard. I was wondering if I could email you directly some more specific questions about your experience. All my derm did for me is say "Yup it's TE...give it 3 months or maybe longer". That didn't help me AT ALL. If you get this could you please email me at actaylorusc@gmail.com? Thanks so much!

Here is my hair loss story; it is long:

I am 27 years old, and about 6 months ago, I was suffering terribly from
hair loss. I was on Yasmin for 5 1/2 years, and stopped taking it to get
pregnant. 5 months later, my hair started falling out in giant amounts.
It fell out all over my head, all day long, wash or not, brush or not,
ponytail or not, constantly. I would say I lost 1000 or more hairs a day
for 5 weeks. My ponytail was about as thick as a quarter, not a silver
dollar anymore - you get the picture. I probably lost 60% of my hair
during that time. It was totally devastating. I was at a loss for an

I went to a dermatologist. I still think it is from Yasmin
discontinuation, but he seemed to think it was from having the flu 2 1/2
months before the hair loss started and having a temp of 103 for 2 days.
That can definitely kill hair growth temporarily. I think it took a long
time for the pills' hormones to get out of my body, and maybe that explains
it. Also, I had bloodwork done, and my thyroid was fine (definitely on the
side of hypothyroid if anything, not the hair loss-capable hypERthyriod).
My hormone levels were fine, and all that.

I know how devastating this is. I went to the dermatologist, a regular
internist doctor, and a naturopath. The naturopath gave me some B-12
vitamins, thyroid herbs, a yeast intibitor, and told me to go on a gluten
free diet. All I can say is that when I went to the dermatologist, he told
me that I should be losing hair for about 2-3 months, lose about 75% of it,
my follicles were fine and not damaged, and it will grow back. I think
with the help of the naturopath, the herbs, and the gluten-free diet, I
only lost 50-60% of my hair for 5 weeks, not 3 months.

I also started taking a very high dose of natural vegetarian Biotin (5mg,
I think, like 20x whatever is daily reccomended), and using Jason Naturals
brand Biotin hair shampoo and conditioner. It is like only $8 per bottle
of each from the health food store, and it made my scalp feel great
immediately. I don't know for sure, but I am willing to bet it helped a
little - not with the hair loss (the telogen effluvium spontaneous kind
that I had), but with the regrowth.

I am happy to say that 6 months later, I now have what I consider a great
head of hair. My hair was always thick and plentuful, and for about a
month, it looked like I was sick and balding. I was embarrased to go out.
It was not that the hair was thin or thinning, but that it was just
dissapearing altogether. Not a month after it stopped falling out (which
happened spontaneously the same way it started), I had about 10,000 hairs
on my head that were about 1/2 inch long. So frizzy and sticking up they
were, but the balding effect was gone - thank god.

I am not a vain person, but I have always loved my hair, and I know how
devastating this is for women and young women especially. PLEASE believe
me. If telogen effluvium is what you have (all of a sudden type of hair
loss), especially after an event (birth control discontinuation, sickness,
surgery, death, stress, postpartum, flu, injury, etc.), please believe me.
I cried every night and day, and even thought I was going to have to get a

It did stop for me after taking some action with natural remedies. I know
it would have stopped ANYWAY, but I wanted to quicken that process. I was
SO upset by the whole thing, and I know how upset you are. IT WILL STOP
and you will have your hair back. PLEASE DON'T STRESS (impossible, I
know). No amount of avoiding hair wash, brush, pillows, will do anything
to help you, so don't be going around with greasy knotty hair. That is not
going to help you at all. It will just make you even more self-concsious.

Best of luck. I wish I could help more, but just know from one female
hair-lover to another, it WILL be okay, and your hair will come back.
Within 2 months, your scalp will look fine and unnoticable of the whole
event, and within 8-9 months, your ponytail will be thick again. IT WILL

Anne is located in [NA] and he is available to meet: YES

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