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Hair color and sun exposure, will sunlight damage hair color chemicals and is it advisable to avoid direct sun exposure? Hair Color : the Sun is your Enemy

Now there is another reason to stay away from the sun, especially if you have color treated hair.

Hair dyes or hair color work like paint by covering hair strands with chemical tint or by mixing with the melanin granules without altering them. The sun can cause numerous damages to color treated hair. First, the sun can generate a fair amount of heat on our hair. The chemical consistency of hair dyes may change when interact with the heat as a result of direct sunlight. The heat can expedite the oxidization process of the chemicals found in hair dyes and accelerate fading of the hair color. The sun can also generate enough heat to cause our hair shafts to expands and thus releasing the hair color inside. Color treated hair also looks very unnatural under the sun. Natural hair usually turn a shade lighter under direct sunlight. However, color treated hair can turn two to four shades lighter under the same circumstances. Coarse hair and split-ends are also more likely to occur in people with excessive exposure to the sun.

To alleviate the possibility of a worsening hair condition as a result of sun exposure, we recommend using botanicals based sun screen for your hair. Products such as Phytoplage High Protection Sun Spray or Jerome Russell Hair Spray with Sunscreen can give your hair a fair amount of protection. However, the downside is that they can also wear your hair down when used for an extended period of time. Other products include clear or transparent glaze treatment that can seal the cuticle and hair shaft while at the same time providing a glossy sheen. Also, when coloring your hair in the summer, stay away from powerful bleaches. Use a tint that is a shade or two darker than the one you normally use and let the sun bleach your hair naturally. For blonde or brown hair, try not to use color that has red tones as they will be substantially magnified under the sun.

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