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  • Testosterone Booster and Hair Loss

  • HairSite Editorial

  • 3/1/00

This is just a preview of our expanded coverage on HGH - Human Growth Hormone - that is scheduled to debut shortly in HairSite Library.

It is definitely a love-hate relationship when it comes to testosterone and hair loss. The key is to find the right level of testosterone for yourself. Testosterone is a major part of the HGH (Human Growth Hormone) therapy. With the proper amount of testosterone in conjunction with other essential hormones and supplements in our body, we can incrase muscle mass, reduce fat, enhance energy level, improve sexual performance, and reverse hair loss among a long list of anti-aging benefits.

Testosterone is responsible for proper development during puberty. However, as we age, testosterone is also responsible for androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness. Specifically, the enzyme 5-alpha reductase can turn testosterone into DHT which is suggested by most clinical studies to be the major cause of androgenic alopecia.

People who consume dietary supplements on a regular basis should be aware of supplements or vitamins that can raise testosterone above normal levels. According to some studies, side effects of elevated testosterone levels include acne, male pattern baldness and a reduction in "good" cholesterol in our body. In women, high testosterone level can cause excessive body hair, deepening of the voice and to a certain extent hair loss. Specifically, you may want to pay attention to dietary supplements that contain an excessive amount of amino acids, as these are the HGH   precursors that may generate testosterone in your body. Again, please check with your doctor.

In a study financed by major league baseball, Havard researchers confirmed that the over-the-counter supplement Androstenedione does elevate testosterone levels in our body. An overdose of Androstenedione may produce a host of testosterone related side effects such as excessive hair loss.

This is important for bodybuilders who consume dietary supplements to increase muscle mass. Some commonly found Androstenedione supplements are made of naturally occurring steroid hormones the body uses to make testosterone. When testosterone supplements are taken in high doses, they can improve bodybuilding performance, endurance, increase strength and muscle mass. However, scientists are now suggesting that testosterone supplements, just like steroids, can cause hair loss too.

In a study conducted by Harvard researchers, a group of 42 men were found to have elevated levels of testosterone after consuming the Androstenedione supplements. The participants in the study were told to take Androstenedione for seven days with a daily dosage of 300 mg. It is speculated that athletes and bodybuilders normally use a much higher dose. The participants in the study age 20 to 40 years old. They were divided into  three groups: 1) the control group with no Androstenedione, 2) a group taking 100 mg of Androstenedione daily,  and 3) a group taking 300 mg of Androstenedione daily.

The group taking 100 mg of Androstenedione reported no noticeable increase in testosterone level after the 7-day period. However, the group taking 300 mg of Androstenedione reported an average increase of 34% in testosterone levels after the 7-day period, though they returned to normal levels by the following day. Both groups also reported substantial increase in estrogen.

In an 8-week study conducted by the Iowa State University and reported in the Journal of American Medical Association, 100 mg of Androstenedione were given to subjects three times a day and no increase in testosterone levels were found after the 8-week period. It appears that there is a statistical significant difference between taking one 300mg Androstenedione tablet daily versus taking 100mg of Androstenedione tablet three times daily.

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