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  • HAIRSITE - 3/8/98
  • If you are not already familiar with the names Demodex and Semodex, don't worry , cause you will be hearing these names a lot starting in April 1998. Mark your calendar - Nioxin will bring you another major development in hair loss treatment in April 98.
  • 1998 is definitely the most exciting year in the history of hair loss treatments. Just when we are still trying to digest the exciting news about the introduction of Propecia in January 1998 and Ms. Christiano's shocking research on gene therapy for hair loss, we have another piece of good news to embrace - Semodex by Nioxin.
  • Semodex is Nioxin's latest weapon against hair loss. Nioxin's reserachers has discovered a new cause for thinning hair and hair loss - a microscopic mite called Demodex. According to Nioxin, Demodex is found presence in scalp and hair follicles. The mite tends to live off sebum and other oily secretions generated on the scalp. Demodex by itself does not cause thinning hair or hair loss. However, Nioxin's research has shown that Demodex produces an enzyme called lapse and it is believed that this enzyme contributes to thinning hair and hair loss in many men and women.  In Nioxin's research on 50 men and women with thinning hair, it was discovered that men and women who have thinning hair or hair loss also have a siginificantly higher amount of Demodex and the enzyme lapse in their scalp and hair follicles.
  • This research leads to Nioxin new ammunition for hair loss - Semodex. Semodex is a product line that is formulated to address hair conditions and problems caused by Demodex. Specifically, there are two key products in Semodex - 1) Shampoo or cleanser,  2) Topical serum. The shampoo or cleanser is designed to eliminate the build-up of lapse produced by the microscopic mite Demodex. Again, Nioxin's researchers reported that the existence of lapse may be attributable to thinning hair and hair loss. In addition to the shampoo / cleanser, the Semodex line also includes a topical serum. The serum is designed to prevent the build-up of lapse on the scalp and hair follicles. So the two products in Semodex complement each other in treating lapse or Demodex induced hair conditions. One cleanses the lapse that already exist on the scalp and hair follicles, and the other prevents and inhibits the build-up new lapse produced by Demodex.
  • The Semodex line will be introduced in April 1998. It is expected that the shampoo will retail for about US $10 and the topical serum will retail for about US $39. However, please contact Nioxin or your local salon for more accurate pricing.
  • My only reservation about the research on Demodex is the lack of independent literatures and clinical reports on the subject. As of today, I am still trying to obtain independent clinical reports substantiating the study on Demodex and its effects on hair conditions. In addition, according to Nioxin, the discovery was based on a study on 50 men and women with thinning hair and hair loss. First, while I am not a doctor, it just seems to me that a sample size of only 50 participants may not be sufficient to fully examine the effects of Demodex on hair conditions.  It is estimated that there are over 60 million Americans with thinning hair or hair loss. I am not sure if we can conclude that the results of a study based on 50 people are also applicalble to the 60 million people out there. Second, it appears that the study was conducted by Nioxin researchers as opposed to an independent laboratory. If that is the case, there is always the question about "conflict of interest" since we are not sure what kind of influence Nioxin had during the process of the study. Again, I am currently attempting to obtain clinical reports of the study to evaluate the methodology used in the research.  Third, it is unclear whether the existence of Demodex and lapse is a "Result" or "Cause" of hair loss. Nioxin concludes that thinning hair and certain hair conditions are a result of the existence of Demodex and lapse. However, it is also possible that Demodex simply thrives on scalps and hair follicles that contain a high level of DHT (most research indicates that DHT is the main cause of hair loss in most people) and may not have a direct impact on thinning hair and hair loss. Of course, the above are just my opinions and readers should consult their doctors or Nioxin to better understand if Semodex can address their hair conditions.
  • In any case, I think this is a great discovery by Nioxin and on behalf of all those who are suffering from hair loss,  I thank Nioxin for their continued research and support for hair care. I think this discovery is going to generate a lot of excitement in the hair loss treatment industry. 1997 - 2015 copyright | | Privacy Statement | Terms of Use | Copyright Policy
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