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John P. Cole, MD -
Hair Transplant Surgeon

John P. Cole, MD is one of the most celebrated hair transplant doctors in HairSite. He is one of the few surgeons in the world who performs Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) as well as Body Hair Transplant (BHT), presently the most advanced hair transplant techniques in the world. Using FUE & BHT along with the surgical instruments which he invented, Dr. Cole is able to perform minimally invasive hair transplant procedures that leave no visible scarring to the naked eye.

FUE grafts photo, courtesy of

In 2005, Dr. Cole has published more patient results in HairSite
than any other doctors in the world!

Dr. Cole is the most experienced FUE & BHT hair transplant doctor in the United States.
So far in 2005, Dr. Cole has published more patient results in our forum than any other doctors in the world.
Below are examples of patient results that have earned Dr. Cole high respect among our forum members.

Patient results posted so far in 2005, click any one to see photos:

Pure body hair transplant using 100% donor hairs from body grafts - 3000+ grafts,
12 months post op.

3000 FUE grafts + 700 BHT grafts, 1 year post op results. Detailed illustration of grafts placement at various regions of the scalp showing 100% yield in BHT.

Repair work - FUE into strip scar, 300 grafts, 1 year results.

Strip + FUE, 6500 grafts 1 year results.

Body hair extraction and healing photos - 10,000+ grafts body hair transplant megasession - part I.

Body hair extraction and healing photos - 10,000+ grafts body hair transplant megasession - part II.

Body hair extraction and healing photos - 10,000+ grafts body hair transplant megasession - part III.

Body hair transplant (5000 grafts) on extensively bald patient - 14 month results.

Result of 1600 FUE grafts on an extensively bald patient, 14 months post op.

3400 strip grafts for patient who once had pluggy hair transplant results from another doctor. 2 year post op.

Aggressive hairline restoration using body hair. Patient has poor donor supply and extensive thinning.

Crown restoration for a Norwood 6 using only 700 FUE grafts.

400 FUE results for an African American patient.

900 FUE grafts to the top mid-section of the scalp plus repair of "pluggy" hairline done by another hair transplant doctor.

Norwood class 4 - 3000 FUE grafts all over the top of his head with hairline lowered by 2 inches. 1 year results.

Norwood 3V, virgin scalp who had 1300 FUE grafts on the front hair line including the temples. 8 months progress.

900 FUE grafts on the temples, 1 year post op.

Repair work for a severely scarred patient. Amazing transformation.

Norwood class 5 received 2500 strip grafts on the frontal region of the scalp. 15 months results.

Crown restoration using 2000 FUE grafts.

FUE into strip scar, 300 grafts, 8 month results.

Norwood 3 with 1100 FUE grafts.

Norwood class 3 with 2000+ grafts all over the front of his head. The density is 30-40 per square cm. 1 year post op.


The above are just patient results for year 2005 thus far. To view Dr. Cole's patient results prior to year 2005, please click here to visit our forum.

Besides an impressive display of patient results in our forum, Dr. Cole is also highly regarded for his published studies on hair transplant. Some of Dr. Cole's published works are:

click a topic below:

FUE grafts photo, courtesy of

Hair Mass Index & Hair Mass Transferred in Hair Transplantation.

Aesthetics & Hairline Design in Hair Transplantation.

The Role of Minoxidil in Hair Transplantation - co-published with other hair transplant doctors.

Hair Orientation in Hair Transplantation: an in-depth discussion.

Follicular Size, Punch Size & Scar Formation in FUE Hair Transplant Surgery.

A Calculated Look at the Donor Area: Assessing the Yield of Donor Harvesting Technique.

Types of 3-hair Grafts, a Guide to Safe Dissection in Hair Transplantation.

Hair Transplant Patient Expectations, Education & Physician's Responsibility.

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