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Jan 19 - Jan 25, 2004
Hair Multiplication:
World's first hair multiplication photo goes live on the internet, courtesy of Bazan Institute.
Jan 12 - Jan 18, 2004
Hair Multiplication:
World's most anticipated news in surgical hair restoration advancements - Dr. Carl Bazan (Mexico) to introduce Hair Multiplication in 2004. 
Oct 07 - Oct 13, 2002
Finally, FDA clearance for Dutasteride on October 9, 2002. Comprehensive information for individuals considering Dutasteride as a hair loss treatment now available.
Jul 22 - Jul 28: 2002
Aderans Research Institute to be established in the United States. Advance to research & development (biotechnology) of medical hair regeneration.
Preliminary research in Hair Multiplication led to breakthrough in hair transplantation technique - Follicle Transplantation: the world's most follicle efficient procedure.
Exclusive interview with Dr. Gho - inventor of the most talked about hair multiplication procedure. 
Dr. Colin Jahoda, one the the world's most highly respected researchers brings us the first ever trans-gender  person-to-person hair transplantation. 
Sonic Hedgehog - Another gene discovered, another step closer to a cure. 
Liposomes effective in delivering Gene Therapy,  according to the research team from the   Hair and Scalp Clinic at University of Pennsylvania. 
Azelaic Acid Fever - Seems like nothing can stop the Azelaic Acid momentum these days. Dr. Razack now introduced a new formula for Crinagen with 5% Azelaic Acid. The new Crinagen is a topical lotion that attempts to simulate the application used in the clinical studies reported in the British Journal of Dermatology - up to 98% inhibition of DHT. 
Nude Gene", possibly another step closer to gene therapy. Dr. Christiano, the researcher  who discovered the "Hairless" gene early in 1999, and her research team now moving a step closer to gene therapy
12/7/98: Azelaic acid -
Doctors claimed that it is close to 100% effective as a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor. 
Hairloss gene discovered - One of the biggest announcements in the history of hair loss treatment.  
New weapon against baldness approved by the FDA. Check out what FDA says about the long anticipated Propecia
Merck Propecia cleared for marketing: once a day pill offers men effective treatment for male pattern baldness.
May 09 - May 15, 2005
Hair Transplant - Dr. Woods: Repair of Repair of Pluggy, Uneven and Scarred Hairline with FUE. This is a repair case with 2000 FUE grafts. Dr. Woods soften the pluggy, uneven and scarred hairline of this patient after 3 sessions. The repair was done by utilizing nape hair, chest and abdominal hair. None of the prior pluggy grafts were removed in the process. You can also see the chest donor pictures in this discussion.

May 09 - May 15, 2005
Hair Transplant - Dr. Cole: Body Hair Transplant Megasession 5000 Grafts on the Crown Grown Out Results plus Amazing Leg Hair to Anterior Temples 2.5 Months Results. This is the first body hair transplant megasession grown out results posted in the forum. The patient had about 5000 BHT grafts placed into 80 square cm of bald crown. The result is exceptionally natural with very respectable yield. This discussion also features an attempt to lower the patient’s hairline with about 1700 grafts of leg hair as well as a 2.5 month post op results from leg hair transplanted into the anterior temples.

May 09 - May 15, 2005
Hair Transplant - Dr. Woods: 5,500 FUE/BHT grafts, 4 Weeks Results, Grafts Started Growing Immediately Post Op . 4 weeks post op photos of a Norwood 6 patient who had received 2,500 scalp donor hair and 3,000 chest and abdominal/loin hair. Total of 5,500 grafts. The last session was 10 days ago to the frontal hairline. The scabs were removed immediately prior to these photographs being taken, hence the minor pinkness to the frontal hairline. Abdominal hair was placed to the crown 2 weeks ago prior to these photographs. A close up shot is provided and some of the scabs are still present. There is good growth right from the start. All graft hair shafts were 1 to 2 mm in length. As is clearly seen, many hair have extended by several millimeters since the procedure.

May 09 - May 15, 2005
Hair Transplant - Dr. Arvind: Combination of a Dense Packed Hairline with Hair Piece Behind Using Body Hair Transplantation, 1500 grafts. Norwood 6 patient underwent a 1500 graft BHT session. The grafts are being extracted from the thighs and the calves of the patient. The plan is to place 1500 body hair grafts this time round to create a narrow but dense hairline zone. Patient’s intention is to continue to wear the hair piece after this 1500 grafts procedure.

May 02 - May 08, 2005
Hair Transplant - Dr. Arvind: Body Hair Transplant Wet Zone Harvesting. Donor Site photos. A small discussion about wet zone harvesting with photos illustration by Dr. Arvind. Photos show donor sites from the abdomen, pubic and armpit areas.

May 02 - May 08, 2005
Hair Transplant - Dr. Arvind: Recipient Site Grafts Placement and Angulation: an in-depth discussion. Excellent discussion about grafts placement and angulation in the recipient site. Discussion include using slits and blades in the coronal plane and the sagittal plane. Very educational, informative and somewhat technical for the average poster.

Apr 25 - May 01, 2005
Hair Transplant - Dr. Arvind: HairSite’s First Documented Case of Donor Exchange Method (DEM), over 1000 Body Hair grafts used in Donor Site. Multi-modules treatments and HairSite’s first documented case of Donor Exchange Method utilizing over 1000 body hair grafts on the patient’s donor site.  1.Closing of the temples- 2628 FUSE/fue grafts used in the front hairline and temple areas to create a dense pack hairline as well as to close the temple angles.  2.Donor exchange (DEM)- over1000 body hair grafts used for putting into the scalp donor areas-1048 DEM grafts to be precise. The grafts were randomly distributed in the scalp donor areas. The body hair used for DEM were from the thighs and the calves.  3.He had got a strip surgery done previously and the strip scar was also transplanted into. 255 scalp FUSE grafts were used for the purpose.

Apr 25 - May 01, 2005
Hair Transplant - Dr. Cole: One of the Best Crown Restoration Results with Only 700 grafts.This Norwood 5a – 6 presented his case to Dr. Cole back in 1997. At that time Dr. Cole was one of a small group of hair restoration surgeons performing total microscopic follicular unit hair transplantation. The patient followed-up with two more surgeries in early 2004 – one a microscopic FUT strip session for the frontal and mid sections and the other a 700 graft FIT/FUE procedure to address the crown. This is one of the best documented case of crown restoration utilizing only 700 grafts.

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