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DHT Antagonist
Products that inhibit 5-alpha reductase, an enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT. DHT stands for dehydrotestosterone which many believe is the main cause for androgenetic alopecia. 

Crinagen (5% azelaic acid + zinc + B6 + Grape Seed Extract et al) - azelaic acid can effect up to 90% DHT inhibition according to a study reported in the British Journal of Dermatology.
Vendor: Dr. Razack

Azelaic Acid  - some studies suggested that this agent can be highly effective in inhibiting DHT on skin.
HairMedics | Dr. Razack

Hair Growth Stimulant
Products that many believe will stimulate existing hair growth. Some products work by enhancing cells and vascular proliferation while others may prolong the anagen phase of hair cycle. 

Retin A  - Studies have shown that Retin-A alone can result in moderate hair growth in some patients. Retin-A is mostly used in conjunction with minoxidil as this compound seems to be able to enhance the penetration and absorption of minoxidil by altering the follicular epithelium.
HairMedics | Dr. Klein

Minoxidil Basic 2% - 6%  - #1 selling hair loss product in the world. The only topical lotion approved by the FDA for treating hair loss.
HairMedics | Dr. Klein

Super Strength Minoxidil 12%  - #1 selling hair loss product in the world now available in high potency concentration of 12%.
Dr. Klein

Propylene Glycol Free Minoxidil - #1 selling hair loss product in the world now available in a propylene glycol free formula for people with sensitive scalp. 
Dr. Klein

Minoxidil with Corticosteroid - #1 selling hair loss product in the world now available with small concentration of corticosteroid, an anti-itch, anti-inflammatory agent that  can alleviate scalp irritations such as scalp itch, flakes and redness commonly associated with topical minoxidil.
Dr. Klein

Minoxidil-Retin-A combo - Studies have shown that the potency and efficacy of minoxidil can be enhanced when used in conjunction with Retin-A.
HairMedics | Dr. Klein

Minoxidil-Finasteride combo - Probably the most synergistically ideal solution for hairloss. Minoxidil works as a hair regrowth stimulant while 5-alpha reductase inhibitor finasteride is known to halt further hairloss. Targeting hairloss at both angles.

Minoxidil-Azelaic Acid combo - DHT is commonly suggested to be the main cause for hairloss. Studies have shown that azelaic acid may function as an DHT inhibitor and may work synergistically together with minoxidil to stimulate hair regrowth while halting further hairloss. 
Vendor: HairMedics 

Minoxidil with Azelaic Acid, Zinc, B6 & Grape Seed Extract combo - a multi-modal approach to treating hairloss by combining minoxidil and azelaic acid with various supplements that are known to be beneficial for stimulating hair growth while reducing hairloss. 
Vendor: HairMedics 

Minoxidil with Nicotinate - Nicotinate is a blood vessels dilator. This additive when used in conjunction with minoxidil may enhance the penetration and potency of minoxidil. 
Vendor: HairMedics 

Minoxidil with Progesterone - Progesterone is a female hormone added in very small quantities to neutralize the local action of DHT. Not a lot of studies on the effect of topical progesterone on hairloss but some people think this may be beneficial for women pattern baldness. 
Vendor: HairMedics 

Inflammation such as seborrhoeic dermatitis is one of the most common causes for hair loss. Scalp inflammation can also be caused by long term use of propylene glycol and alcohol based products such as topical minoxidil. 

Emu Oil - nature's anti-inflammatory agent for hair, skin and scalp with potential for enhancing hair growth.

Nizoral Shampoo - 2% ketoconazole is the world's #1 prescribed compound for dandruff and other scalp inflammatory conditions.

Betnovate - Betamethasone Valerate 0.1%. Indicated for psoriasis and seborrhoeic dermatitis of the scalp..

Dermovate - Clobetasol propionate 0.05%. Indicated for severe dermatitis of the scalp.

Diprosalic - a unique formula that combines two effective agents for scalp dermatitis and psoriasis. 0.05% Bethamethasone and 2% salicylic acid. Indicated for the relief of the inflammatory reactions of the scalp in seborrhoea and psoriasis.

Tea Tree Oil - Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial topical agent. Gentle for the scalp and yet strong enough to kill ringworm, head lice and even stubborn bacteria such as staphylococcus.   
Vendor: Dr. Razack 

Androgen Receptor Blocker
These compounds block the pathway of androgens by competitively binding to androgen receptor sites in cells and tissues and thereby inhibiting the harmful effects of androgens on hair cells. Most of these products are experimental in nature.

Fluridil/ Eucapil - a new topical antiandrogen designed specifically for androgenetic alopecia that works by suppressing the androgen receptors in the skin.

Spironolactone - Recent studies have shown that topical spironolactone can act as an antiandrogen in human sebaceous glands, competing with DHT receptors and producing a decrease of labeled DHT.

Cyproterone Acetate - Recent studies have shown that topically applied cyproterone acetate in combination with liposomes are as effective as oral antiandrogen medication while reducing the risk of adverse effects. 

All Natural
Topical preparations that are primarily based on all natural supplements and botanicals
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Dec 15 - Dec 21, 2003
Topicals: Hair follicle growth factor proteins - new patent application by Dr. Kim and Dr. Jang in Korea: "The present invention relates to novel hair follicle growth factor (HFGF) proteins, genes encoding HFGFs, methods for preparing HFGF proteins and therapeutic uses of HFGF proteins".

Dec 08 - Dec 14, 2003
Topicals: OsteoScreen December 2003 patent application - Inhibitors of proteasomal activity for stimulating bone and hair growth. This invention relates to "compounds that inhibit the activity of the proteasome or the production of proteasomal proteins and promote hair growth and the production of hair follicles and are thus useful in stimulating hair growth, including hair density."  

Nov 17 - Nov 23, 2003
Topicals: WSMR HairSwitch Peptide, click here to view the latest before and after photos. 

Nov 10 - Nov 16, 2003
s: Curis Issued U.S. Patent on Method for Promoting Hair Growth through the use of agonists (activators) of the Hedgehog signaling pathway, the patent entitled "Regulation of Epithelial Tissue by Hedgehog-like Polypeptides and Formulations and Uses Related Thereto."

Oct 06 - Oct 12, 2003
: FDA Approved Phase I/II Human Clinical Trials Begin for PTH 7-34 Encapsulated in a Novasome Cream to Treat Chemotherapy-Induced Alopecia.
(email if this article is no longer available online)

Sep 15 - Sep 21, 2003
: Interview with BioPhysica on Eucapil® (fluridil) - "A Novel Topical Antiandrogen" According to Dermatologic Surgery.

Sep 01 - Sep 07, 2003
: Check out Remox user Algorithm's before and after pictures. 

Aug 25 - Aug 31, 2003
: Lion's "Mouhatsuryoku Innovate" hair nourishment product available in Oct, 2003. New hair product that uses Cytopurine (6-benzyl aminopurine) to increase  the presence of hair growth promoting signals, and interrupts hair depilation signals.

Jun 16 - Jun 22, 2003
OsteoScreen's lead compound OSH101 now in Phase I clinical trials (human toxicology studies with an endpoint in Q3-2003). OsteoScreen plans to take OSH101 into Phase II trials (dose ranging) later in 2003. Information courtesy of Jacob in Topical forum.

Apr 14 - Apr 20, 2003
Doctors & Experts: Doctors & Experts forum now taking questions from the public. Dr. Bazan, Dr. Campbell, Dr. Cole, Dr. Gho, Dr. Jones, Dr. Woods and many others will be taking your questions and doing online consultation for hair transplantation.

Mar 31 - Apr 06, 2003
Topical: BX3.4's pulsed electromagnetic hair management system now available in the United States. Find out why this new treatment has recently made major news in Europe.

Feb 24 - Mar 02, 2003
Topical: March 1, 2003: HairSwitch peptide's first official trialists results brought to us by Trey. 

Feb 10 - Feb 16, 2003
Topical: Fluridil information as well as before and after pictures. Information courtesy of Indy84 and Dave.  

Jan 20 - Jan 26, 2003
Topicals: HairSite contacted by three WSMR's HairSwitch peptide trialists with brief interim results to report.  

Jan 20 - Jan 26, 2003
Topicals: Trey, one of the most trusted names in our forums, speak up about WSMR's HairSwitch peptide in light of the flurries of negative press about the company. 

Dec 30 - Jan 05, 2003
Topicals: Dr. Kenneth Skinner speaks about WSMR'S peptide treatment for hair loss.

Dec 30 - Jan 05, 2003
Dr. Kenneth Skinner speaks about WSMR'S peptide treatment for hair loss

Patent issued to Dr. Fossel's transdermal hair regrowth system involving L-Arginine.

Prospective test patient request form for WSMR's peptide trials. All submitted information are forwarded to WSMR for screening purposes. 

Peptide frenzy. WSMR's press release and related stories about FLEX S1, 2 peptide, including evidence of patient results and JTR's personal opinion about WSMR.  

S.I. Foote's theory revisited. The Hydraulic Influence in Androgen Related Hair Growth. Implications in Autoimmune Disease.

Dr. Lindenbaum's Follicle Nutrient Serum (FNS) has been available for a month now. HairSite has compiled all FNS testimonials, good and bad, in the Personal Journal forum.

Bacteria Induced Baldness - 10 HairSite regulars participated in Growth Response free trial.

Bryan offered an excellent hair count analysis between Minoxidil and Dutasteride in Dutasteride forum 23. Read Bryan's analysis as well as opposing views. 

Dr. Holick, Boston University, has agreed to answer PTHrP and Emu Oil questions in Doctors & Experts Forum.

Skin Medica introducing topical skin rejuvenation system TNS  formulated with VEGF: the cell growth factor that has been clinically proven to maintain follicles in the anagen phase. Posters in Topical forum (#16) are considering less expensive alternatives to obtain VEGE.

Dr. Razack releasing 3rd version of Crinagen with added potency of Proanthocyanidin

Proanthocyanidins from grape seeds promote proliferation of mouse hair follicle cells in vitro and convert hair cycle in vivo.

Procyanidin Oligomers - all natural minoxidil.

 Dr. Razack talks about Tea Tree Oil Shampoo as an anti-inflammatory agent for hair loss.

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