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Prostaglandin PGD2 Inhibitors for Hair Loss
new research by Garza & Cotsarelis creates promising hair loss, baldness and androgenetic alopecia treatment using PGD2 receptor inhibitors.

Following recent discovery by Dr. Cotsarelis and other scientists about the potential of Prostaglandin D2 inhibitors as an effective treatment for hair loss, PGD2 inhibitors has become the most discussed topic on HairSite's hair loss research forum lately.

For those who do not wish to get too technical about PGD2 inhibitors and what it does, below is a quick summary of why many think that PGD2 is the most anticipated treatment for hair loss since finasteride (brand name) Propecia and minoxidil (brand name Rogaine).

Courtesy of poster IPOD in our community:

1) Prostaglandin D2 (short PGD2) is an inflammatory agent that are found in our cells. It is converted from PGH2 by an enzyme called Prostaglandin D synthase or short for PTGDS or PGDS.

2) Dr. Cotsarelis (et al) is the famous doctor from University of Pennsylvania who have discovered that "levels of PGD2 to be three times higher in areas in which the hair was thinning" among balding men. The hypothesis was that PGD2, being an inflammatory agent, prevents the cells from functioning to generate hair growth.

3) Some preliminary ideas for the most effective way to block PGD2 is at the cell or receptor level, so probably a topical spray or lotin is all we need rather than a pill.

4) According to some researchers, there are different types of PGD2 receptor, receptor DP1 and receptor DP2. Scientists think receptor DP2 is more relevant for hair loss. Therefore, the goal is to identify an effective PGD2 DP2 inhibitor as a treatment for hair loss.

5) DP2 is also known as GPR44 or CRTH2 so do not get confused if you see people use these terms in their discussions, they are the same thing.

6) As of March 2012, no human trials have been scheduled.

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