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featured hair transplant results & topics
free hair transplant consultations in London, Los Angeles, New York, and cities worldwide

-Alvi Armani: 2500 grafts, frontal & hairline restoration.
-Hasson & Wong: 1755 grafts with Scalp Micro Pigmentation.
-Hairman2's 2500 grafts FUE at HDC Cyprus.

-Celebrity hair transplant at DHI Global.
-Dr. Ray Woods hair transplant - The Musical!

-Dr. Umar's UGraft: find out why it is superior.
-Dr. Bisanga 2924 grafts FUE, 8 months.
-Dr. Arvind presentations at ISHRS & AAHRS conference.
-Alvi Armani female hair transplant patient, 1148 grafts FUE.

-Dr. Jones: 6000 grafts FUE megasession, 4 months.

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Hair Multiplication & Stem Cells Treatment
Hair multiplication experiments, hair cloning, stem cells
What happened to Angela Christiano's "hairless gene" research?
By superhl at 2014-04-23 12:23:40
3939 59690
Hair Transplant
Surgical hair transplant, fue, bht, strip, repair
H&W - Toronto Canada - free consultations May 2-3
By HairSite at 2014-04-23 13:16:57
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Scalp Micro Pigmentation
Scalp pigmentation hair loss camouflage.
Enhanced shaven look
By hair101 at 2014-04-02 21:14:14
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All Topicals & Shampoos
Topical hair loss treatments, all natural & medicated formula
UK Hair solutions review: it helped me
By britishmarco at 2014-04-15 01:34:46
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Hair Loss Supplements
Taken internally: dietary supplements, vitamins, herbs
Natural Hair Loss Solutions
By frankyjannie at 2014-04-24 01:24:31
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Drugs & Medications
Taken internally: Propecia, Avodart, Spiro etc...
A particular issue of interest regarding Finasteride
By Lucky at 2014-04-07 21:36:56
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Hair Replacement Systems
Non-surgical hair system, hair piece
Hair replacement systems, done right
By michaelwayne1 at 2014-04-21 16:53:02
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Gray Hair
Reverse gray hair naturally without harsh chemicals
L'Oreal coming out with Pill to stop Grey hair in 2015
By ipod at 2014-04-19 12:39:14
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Celebrity Hair Loss
Celebrity hair loss, hair replacement & hair transplant gossips
Kate Pokes Fun at Prince William's Bald Patch
By hair101 at 2014-04-19 12:21:06
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Off Topics & General Discussions
Off topics, bickering, everything goes...
Laser Tattoo Removal OR Tattoo Removal Cream Which Is Better?
By SimonSaysHairPlease at 2014-04-02 14:43:26
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Admin Issues
Forum administrative and technical issues
Site's default view is now THREAD view
By HairSite at 2014-02-18 11:34:28
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