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Stock Pumping Disclaimer Dropped from Website (Hair Multiplication & Stem Cells Treatment)

posted by Whatthehair, 01.05.2012, 23:23

» » I just checked Replicel's website, and that announcement they put out
» » Friday about not authorizing that stock
» pumping
, is no longer visable in
» » the "News" column on their website.
» »
» » Interesting.
» Where does it say that Replicel has "not authorized that stock
» punping??
» I think this question is more "interesting" ...
» >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
» Friday
» VANCOUVER, BC – April 27, 2012 – RepliCel Life Sciences Inc.
» (the “Company” or “RepliCel”) (OTCBB: REPCF) today
» announces that it is clarifying certain disclosures which
» were overly promotional, misleading and inaccurate.
» disclosures were published in reports available online or delivered via
» email newsletter, including,,
» StockGuru and in other disclosures published by Lake Group Media Inc., and
» in an equity research report published by NBT Equities Research/NBT
» Communications which contained certain price targets and a strong buy
» recommendation. Lake Group Media Inc. and NBT Equities Research/NBT
» Communications were hired by the Company to build
» awareness
. The Company wishes to make a general retraction
» […]
» Sunday
» VANCOUVER, BC – April 29, 2012 – RepliCel Life Sciences Inc.
» (the “Company” or “RepliCel”) (OTCBB: REPCF) wishes to
» clarify statements made in its April 27, 2012 news release. Specifically,
» comments made by NBT Equities Research LLC analyst Tobin Smith, concerning
» price targets and statements made in his report which were published in
» newsletters available online or delivered via email newsletter, including
» by,, StockGuru and in other
» disclosures, were the thoughts and views of Tobin
» Smith, however were paid for and authorized by the Company
» The Company wishes to make a general retraction […]
» <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
» Tobin Smith' hyping thoughts and views were paid and authorized by
» Replicel.
» In simple words, they made it on Sunday CLEAR again, that they
» (Replicel) paid and authorized that stock pumping.

Your words, not theirs. You have a knack for putting words in peoples statements. And what do you know about anything this company does? I suspect you are some failed half witted scientist who's bitter to the core. This is just noise from a group of disenfranchised bald people who obviously spend more of their time fretting over their hair loss than out there making piles of money. You do know that money can get better quality chicks right? Not hair! They don't give a rats you know what is on your head when your wallet is always 5 inches think. Hair smare! Wake up and get a job Iornmun!

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