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Hair Science Institute (Hair Multiplication & Stem Cells Treatment)

posted by Leonard, 13.03.2008, 23:48

Thanks for this JB ... you are one very knowledgeable man. Do you have any more information on Gho? I am seriously considering seeing him. Maastricht is not too far from London. How can I be sure Gho has solved the hair thickness problem in the recipient area and donor area?

Will do Bond, lots of positives about Gho on google search but Ive got
patience to wait two weeks for ICX news. Thanks for reply and lets keep
everything crossed its the news we all want so much.

The thing most of us are concerned with about Gho is whether he can place
the grafts as well as some of the top surgeons that frequent these boards.
He used to have pics on his website, and a lot of people failed to be
impressed by his density results in the recipient site. I've asked him
about the density issue, and he claims it is not an issue. But before I
would go through with HST, I would want to see with my own eyes what the
final completed work looks like. Some say a picture is worth a thousand
words. But in HT, live patients are worth a thousand pictures.

The best HT in the world might be to use a proven surgeon to restore the
hairline. This is more art than science, and getting it correct is the
most important part of a HT. But after that is out of the way, you begin
to run up against the donor limitation problem. So to complete the best HT
in the world, it makes sense to go to Dr. Gho for filler behind the

There are a lot of people who say donor regrowth is impossible. But it is
not only possible, it is proven. The difficult part is to get the upper
2/3rds follicle to consistently regenerate the lower third in the
recipient site. Gho appears to have solved this problem. In fact, some
people have complained that he solved it too well. IOW, often times with
his technique, more than one follicle will regenerate in the recipient
site per follicle placed. That is another reason why using another doctor
for just the hairline might make sense. You don't want the extra hair
there (it's too unpredictable), but you do want it as extra filler in

The following independent study demonstrates the ease of regrowing the
donor and the relative difficulty in getting the hair to also grow in the
recipient area. Gho's answer to the problem is to soak the transected
grafts in HM culture solution before implanting them into the skin. Some
have reported that his solution doesn't look any different from saline
solution because it is a clear liquid. However, keratinocyte solution is
also a clear solution, and that is the main ingredient in HM culture

Leonard is located in [NA] and he is available to meet: NO

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