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Dr. Gho Hair Stem Cell Transplant Trial (HST)
sponsored by HairSite - HairSite members putting Dr. Gho's revolutionary hair restoration technique to the test

If you are not familiar with Dr. Gho's hair restoration innovation, please read Hairstemcell Transplant for background information. This could possibly be the world's first generation hair multiplication protocol.

Hairstemcell Transplantation - a registered trademark of Dr. Gho's Hair Science Institute. Some of the claims made by Dr. Coen Gho about his Hairstemcell Transplant are (excerpts from his website):

  • Only a part of the follicle (a few hair stem cells, also called a "graft") is required to grow one or more new hairs.

  • Unlike all other methods, with HST (Hair Stem Cell Transplantation) the donor area retains virtually all of its hair growth and density.

  • Because the donor area is not damaged, the treatment can be repeated if desired.

  • The most significant difference between the HST method and traditional hair transplant techniques is that with HST, only a tiny part of the hair follicle is removed, leaving the majority of it in the donor area where it will produce a new hair. This preserves the donor area for future treatments, which is why this technique should actually be referred to as hair multiplication, rather than transplantation.

All these claims sound very encouraging but truth be told, over the years we have seen very few results from Dr. Gho's clinic. It wasn't until recently when there are more people stepping forward admitting that they had Dr. Gho's stem cell hair transplant procedure done.

The challenge: the biggest selling point of this new technique is the "promise" of donor regeneration so that there will be unlimited donor follicles available for the patient. At the time when this is published, there is no objective and scientific way to verify the percentage of donor regeneration as a result of Dr. Gho's Hairstemcell transplant. 

Putting It To The Test
HairSite Sponsored Trial

This is in response to HairSite member Stevie.Dee's hair multiplication forum suggestion for a more proactive approach to the never ending mystery surrounding Dr. Gho's stem cell hair transplant technique:

HairSite will consider arranging a 50-graft free trial for one of our members with Dr. Gho's clinic. Arranging a free trial is not a problem, the real challenge is scientific, objective, and independently verifiable documentation.

If someone is able to come up with an OBJECTIVE and INDEPENDENTLY VERIFIABLE protocol that can prove, conclusively and definitively with scientific hair count to ascertain whether Dr. Gho's HST tecnhique works and to what extent it works, HairSite will gladly arrange a free trial with Dr. Gho's clinic for one of our forum members.

Our community are not interested in the trial patient's casual observations and amateur photo documentation regardless of how often he reports back to the forum. We have been through this many times already over the years. Always the same problem: how is anyone going to prove donor regeneration objectively with hair count when the majority of the patients still have a fair amount of hair in the donor? How do you distinguish your native hair from those derived from the regeneration process?

In the end, we want to know the following:

  1. Percentage of regeneration in the donor site - with hair count,

  2. The yield of healthy terminal hairs in the recipient site - with hair count

hair loss treatment TRIAL - HairSite is sponsoring a test trial to putting Dr. Gho's claims to the test. See details about Dr. Gho's Hair Stem Cell Transplant Trial.  

hair loss treatment FORUM OPINION - Feel free to put forth your comments or suggestions in the Dr. Gho Stem Cell Hair Transplant Trial thread in our forum.

hair loss treatment TRIAL CANDIDATE SCREENING - If you wish to be considered for the trial, please go to Dr. Gho Hair Stem Cell Transplant Trial Candidate Screening.

** free trial is strictly for 50 grafts only and does NOT cover cost of transportation, airfare, hotel, food or any incidental costs or expenses associated with the hair transplant procedure. There will be disclaimers and agreement the the test subject will have to sign with HairSite in order to proceed.


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