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Hair Replacement Athens directory listing, reviews and complaints statistics of hair restoration clinics and companies in Athens Greece.

Presently there are not a lot of hair replacement options for hair loss sufferers in Athens, Greece. Some of the hair surgery clinics or hair replacement centers we can find are:

Advanced Hair Clinics
Vasilissis Sofias & Ventiri 5
Hilton Area, Athens, Greece

Bergmann Kord
15233 ATHENS

DHI Global
L. Vouliagmeni 30, TK 11743

Advanced Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Clinic Athens
Sygrou Avenue 284, Athens

We have basically three broad hair loss categories for residents in Athens, Greece or eastern Europe.

1) Hair loss medications, pills, supplements or lotions: nowadays there are a lot of hair loss treatments mostly in the form of lotions and sprays. They are all available for purchase on the internet. Most vendors ship worldwide for a small fee. Some of the biggest names are for example: Dr. Klein's Remox formula which contains the FDA clinically proven minoxidil as one of the key ingredients, Revivogen hair therapy which is one of the most established all natural anti DHT formula, as well as Dr. Razack's Crinagen, another all natural hair loss formula. Of course, there are also popular medications such as Propecia which are available from Pills for All.

2) The second category is non-surgical hair replacement systems or sometimes referred to as hairpiece, hair system, or toupee. The idea is to attach a hair system unit to the balding area by means of glue, adhesives or double sided tape. At this point, we do not know of any outstanding full service hair replacement salons in Greece or eastern Europe. For those who wish to pursue non-surgical hair systems as a solution to hair loss, they will have to do that by mail order.

3) Surgical hair replacement surgery or sometimes referred to as hair transplant or hair transplantation. DHI is probably the largest hair transplant clinic that operates in Athens or Greece. However, so far we have very few published results from DHI in our hair transplant open forum, we are unable to form an opinion about the quality of their work. For those considering hair transplant surgery as an option, you should first check out our hair transplant reviews section, this is by far the most important first step you can take when researching a quality hair transplant doctor or clinic.

One thing you must familiarize yourself is a new hair replacement technique called FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction. FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. NO KNIFE, NO SCALPEL, NO STITCHES, NO VISIBLE SCARRING. Truly minimally invasive and fast healing time. This is presently the most advanced hair transplantation technique in the world. Only a few doctors are truly qualified to perform this type of procedure right now.

With FUE, you can even use your body hair as donor and transplant that to the thinning areas on your scalp. This technique is now commonly referred to as the Body Hair Transplant or BHT. It has been proven to be a viable option and the body hair can actually mimic the characteristics of your scalp hair once transplanted to your scalp.

hair transplant donor

Peer reviewed study: A Calculated Look at the Donor Area: Assessing the Yield of Donor Harvesting Technique. published by Dr. Cole and Dr. Jean Marc Devroye examining three densities that should be evaluated by every physician on every  hair transplant procedure.
Hair Orientation in Hair Transplantation, an in-depth discussion by Dr. Cole on important factors that must be considered about hair orientation in every hair transplant procedure. Lateral slit techniques and its potential benefits over the vertical or parasagittal slit is addressed. hair transplant
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Published Hair Replacement Results

1600 grafts for a Norwood 3V at 6 months post op.
1200 grafts combination of CIT and scar revision at 16 months post op.
Wassup, one of the most celebrated hair transplant patients on the internet, amazing transformation.
1800 grafts for a Norwood 3V at 17 months post op.
Hairline repair using FUE or CIT extraction technique.
Eyebrow restoration using just 80 grafts, body hair donor. 2 year result.
80 FUE grafts into strip scar. Results at 8 and 24 months.





























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