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DHI Hair Transplant Reviews, Athens, Greece offers hair transplant for men and women with hair loss and thinning hair at head office clinic located at address: Vouliagmenis 30 Avenue, 11743 Athens, Greece.

Below is a compilation of DHI's hair transplant patient results published in HairSite's open forum in year 2009 and prior. Click DHI Global hair transplant reviews for year 2010 and after results.

= credit given for updates   = pending updates or patient or not available to meet in person
FUE = follicular unit extraction, BHT = body hair transplant, Strip = strip transplant




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Notanewbie (aka Balloonman), multiple procedures. 5 strip surgeries and 3 large FUE sessions over the years, with different doctors. Prior to DHI, he had work done with Dr. Unger and Dr. Feller.
8/3/05 - 2+ years
DHI - Dr. Ziakas
3000 FUE
1/17/05 - immediately post op
Lee, 8000 BHT
1/7/05 - 8 months
FUE: Dr Ziakas own hair transplant 1300 FUE
8/30/04 - 10 months

Contact DHI Greece directly or

FUE: 1100 grafts
7/25/04 - 6 months
FUE: 300 grafts
7/25/04 - 6 months
FUE: 1900 grafts
7/19/04 - 2 months




Available to meet in person?

DHI Florida
Grinch 800 FUE/BHT
1/14/06 - immediately post op

If you are unsure about what to do about your hair loss situation or looking for a qualified hair transplant hair restoration doctor near you, please email or fill out the online input form below for a prompt response. I answer all questions within 48 hours.

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