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Dr. Tejinder Bhatti hair transplant surgery patient reviews and testimonials from former hair restoration patients at his Darling Buds clinic at SCO 66, Sector 32-C, Behind Chandigarh Medical College, Chandigarh- 160031 India

Testimonials and Patient Reviews

”I am recommending this center to all my friends, family and acquaintances.”
Shailesh Pathak, Delhi

"My parting got broader and broader and I panicked! Till I went for hair transplant at Darling Buds.”
Samuel McKinney, Alabama (USA)

“Skilled Indian doctor, affordable Chinese rates, American standards of care. That is what I got in India.”
Big Mac, New Zealand

“To my good fortune I was recommended Dr Bhatti.”
Z. Aman, UAE

“What a wonderful doctor, an incredible team and a homely clean well equipped center. I love Darling Buds.”
Timothy Renoir, Port of Spain

“Dr Tejinder Bhatti is the best hair transplant surgeon in the world”.
Zeig Zeiglar, USA

“They grow hair and they do a great job at it.”
Tom Higgins, USA

“I came from Germany for a holiday to India and was lucky to get a great transplant with Dr Bhatti”
Raulph Harland, London

“An international set up and beautifully located. The center is so clean, efficient and professional.”
Doug Harris

i am on a computer in paris where i first clicked your website and can hardly believe every morning when i touch my once bald area ,to find it covered. it is wondeful though it is -2 DEGREES outside.
i just retouched with black dye after 3 weeks and the outcome is amazing.i hope that was ok. Thanks."
Patrick Njenga

“I love Darling Buds. Thank you guys!”
Stanley, Jr., New York

"It was a great pleasure to meet you in Chandigarh. My father and I are very thankful for the terrific procedure and wonderful hospitality that you gave us. You are a true master of your craft.
Stanley, Jr., New York

”Its a great joy for me to see an Indian doctor performing at the forefront of his craft, even when compared to his peers on a global scale, in a very competitive landscape of hair transplants. I chose Dr Bhatti after meeting with some of the best doctors worldwide including Bosley USA, AHI Australia, DHI Greece, and many of the other big name doctors in India. My reason for choosing Dr Bhatti was because he outshone the other doctors on a combined scale of knowledge and passion for hair transplants, even leaving aside cost where he is also much more competitive. I was very happy with the procedure which was done very professionally in a friendly and caring environment. The results have been great after 6 months of wait. Thank you Team Darling Buds, India.”
Mr Harnek, Brisbaine (Australia)

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Dr. Tejinder Bhatti Hair transplant
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dr. bhatti hair transplant chandigarh india
Dr. Tejinder Bhatti
MS, DNB, M.Ch. (Plastic Surgery)
Senior Cousultant Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery
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Dr. Bhatti featured interview on OMNI HEALTH news, Canada
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Darling Buds Hair Transplant Centre, SCO 73-74-75, Sector 17-D,
On Fountain Plaza, Above Hot, Millions-One Chandigarh 160017
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