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Dr. Batra Hair Loss Clinic with homeopathy treatment as well as hair transplant surgery for men and women with hair loss. Hyderabad India, London UK and numerous clinics worldwide.

Dr. Batra is well known for his homeopathy hair loss treatment. He is particularly in India, many have tried his treatments for thinning hair and baldness over the years.

Recently, it has been reported that Dr. Batra is also engaging in hair multiplication or hair cloning research. For more details, please visit our hair multiplication forum.

We have compiled the following patient testimonials from those who had tried Dr. Batra's hair treatment.

AC from Mumbai - email testimonials

This is AC here from Mumbai. I facing heavy hair loss problem & itchy dandruff. I took 1 year treatment from Dr. Batra's homeopathy clinic & 1 year from Richfeel Trichology center but I couldnt found them usefull. Now I am almost on 4th stage of hairloss & I wanted to go for hair trasplantation. Kindly advice me what should I do ?
Waiting for your reply.

Thanking You Yours Faithfully




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Peer reviewed study: A Calculated Look at the Donor Area: Assessing the Yield of Donor Harvesting Technique. published by Dr. Cole and Dr. Jean Marc Devroye examining three densities that should be evaluated by every physician on every  hair transplant procedure.
Hair Orientation in Hair Transplantation, an in-depth discussion by Dr. Cole on important factors that must be considered about hair orientation in every hair transplant procedure. Lateral slit techniques and its potential benefits over the vertical or parasagittal slit is addressed. hair transplant
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Dr. Batra's Hair
Clinic in India

SMD Mall, Opp. Hyderabad House, Road No.3
Hyderabad - 500034, Andhra Pradesh, India

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1800 grafts for a Norwood 3V at 17 months post op.
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