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About Dr. Madhu

dr madhu hair transplant

Below is provided by Dr. Madhu's clinic.

Dr.Madhu, the first doctor to introduce many advanced techniques of hair restoration surgery to India, is primarily a Dermatologist and Dermato surgeon and has been performing hair transplant surgeries for the past ten years. Following the advent of newer techniques and advancements in hair restoration surgery across the world, he developed passion for the hair restoration treatments and involved himself by learning the most sophisticated and latest techniques done across the world from the stalwarts in hair restoration surgery. Presently, he dedicated himself exclusively for hair restoration surgeries leaving his dermatology and cosmetic dermatology practice for associate dermatologists in his team.

He is the only hair transplant surgeon in India to have the honor of highest certification available in the world in hair restoration surgery, which was awarded by the ABHRS (American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery), after successful completion of the exam conducted by that board. Now he can be called as a “Diplomat of American board of Hair Restoration Surgery”. He is also an active member of “International Society Of Hair Restoration Surgery” (ISHRS), and has thousands of successful hair transplantations to his credit.

His expertise involves artistic designing of hair line which mimics the natural hairline, as he is a gifted artist.

Few "FIRSTS" of Dr.Madhu in INDIA:

* First Hair Transplant surgeon in India certified by American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery.
* First to practice "Ultra refined Follicular Unit Grafting" method in Hair restoration surgery.
* First to use Stereo Microscopes for dissection and Mantis Microscopes for slivering.
* First to perform " Super mega sessions" ( more than 2800 follicular units per session)
* First to perform "open method of dissection" that nullifies the wastage of follicles.
* First Surgeon to practice "Non touch technique" of implantation which increases the survival rate of the follicles.
* First to practice"Trichophytic closure technique " to minimize the scar of the donor area.
* First Hair Transplant surgeon to practice " Four hook method" of dissection.
*First to use " Micro-blades" (0.7-0.9mm) for making micro-incisions.
* First Dermatologist in Andhra Pradesh to perform "Vitiligo surgery Blister Grafting method" (1994).
* First Dermatologist in Andhra Pradesh to treat Psoriasis and Vitiligo by PUVA method (1995).
* First Hair Transplantation surgery in Andhra Pradesh was performed by Dr. Madhu in Punch grafting method (1994).

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