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Dr. Vivek Nigam hair loss clinic at Bld No 86, S.V.P Nagar, Mhada, Andheri, W Mumbai India for the treatment of baldness and alopecia in men and women with thinning hair and hair and scalp disorders.

Dr. Vivek Nigam's hair loss clinic also goes by the corporate name Good Health PVT LTD is located at Bld No 86, SVP Nagar, Mhada, near Jankidevi bus stop, Andheri, W, Mumbai 400 053, India.

Dr. Nigam first gained awareness on HairSite in late 2012 when our community noticed some very bold claims about hair multiplication found on his website. As with everything about hair loss hair restoration, nothing gets past the scrutiny of our savvy community members.

To track the latest news and updates on the new research currently performed by Dr. Nigam and his team, click Dr. Nigam hair multiplication for the most exciting forum discussions on hair cloning and hair multiplication research. This is the place where you get first hand news about the latest in hair restoration.

Some of the notable advanced hair restoration protocols currently experimented or offered at Dr. Nigam's Mumbai clinic include:

1. World’s first in-vitro Hair Doubling clinic with Stem Cells & DP Cells

2. Dr. Nigam’s new in-vivo Hair / Donor Doubling with Stem Cells & DP Cells

3. Dr. Nigam’s pure Stem Cells Hair Multiplication with DP (dermal papilla) Cells & DP Culture

4. Plucked hair transplant for Unlimited Donor plus Stem Cells and DP (dermal papilla) Cells.

There are new techniques constantly under experimentation with case studies presented in our Hair Loss Research & Trials forum.

In addition to the above, there are currently about 150 hair transplants being performed at Dr. Nigam's clinic per month.

Readers are advised that information presented herein are provided by Dr. Nigam and at this point, HairSite has not seen enough patient results from Dr. Nigam to be convinced of the consistency and effectiveness of any of the new and experimental hair restoration protocols offered at Dr. Nigam's clinic. Readers are advised to exercise caution and perform thorough research before making a decision. As with all medical procedures, there are risks and possible undesirable side effects associated with any treatment.

For proof of concepts and assessment of effectiveness of Dr. Nigam's advanced hair restoration treatments, please go to Hair Restoration Research & Trials forum.

Dr. Nigam's Hair multiplication procedure is unproven with a lot of unknowns, the procedure is covered here for information purpose only in order for us to learn more about the legitimacy of his technique and is not an endorsement of the procedure by HairSite. Do not proceed with these experimental treatments until you have learned all the facts about their effectiveness and potential side effects.  

Doctors currently working at Dr. Nigam's clinic:

1. Dr. Vivek Nigam, M.D. Stem Cell Research

2. Dr. Sapatnekar, Plastic Surgeon, certified licence to practice in India as well as UK.

3. Dr. Rajendra (plastic surgeon)

4. Dr. Pritesh.

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dr nigam hair multiplication
Dr. Vivek Nigam Hair Restoration
Table of Contents
Dr. Vivek Nigam's Specialties


Stem Cells Hair Multiplication
Hair Transplant Donor Doubling
In-vitro Hair Doubling with Stem Cells & DP Cells
In-vivo Hair / Donor Doubling with Stem Cells & DP Cells
Pure Stem Cells Hair Multiplication with DP Cells & DP Culture
Plucked hair transplant for Unlimited Donor

Dr. Nigam Hair Loss Clinic
About Dr. Vivek Nigam
Hair Restoration Prices
Dr. Nigam Hair Clinic Tour
Dr. Nigam's Stem Cells
Hair Multiplication
experimental & unproven 
World Congress for Hair Research
Dr. Nigam Stem Cells Hair Multiplication
Hair Multiplication Q&A
Hair Multiplication Step by Step Protocol
Stem Cells Hair Multiplication Results
Donor Doubling Hair Restoration
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