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Dr. Feller Hair Transplant Reviews New York  offers hair transplant hair restoration procedures including the new FUE hair transplant technique at his clinic located at 287 Northern Blvd., Suite 200, Great Neck, NY 11021 near New York City.

Over the years we have seen very few Dr. Alan Feller hair transplant patient results in our forum. The one case that stands out the most is from a poster called Balloonman who reported white dots as a result of Dr. Feller's FUE technique but that was many years ago. 

Below is a compilation of Dr. Feller hair transplant patient results published in HairSite's open forum:

= credit given for updates   = pending updates or patient or not available to meet in person
FUE = follicular unit extraction, BHT = body hair transplant, Strip = strip transplant




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Dr. Feller (US) – t_awry 3000 grafts strip immediately post op
Dr. Feller - 3000 grafts strip hairline repair Final result

Dr. Feller - 4700 grafts strip 6 months

Dr. Feller - 1,000 FUE 10 months post-op

Dr. Feller – Twins: Ian, Strip, 11 months ago. Pete, Tricho closure 8 months ago, Video 12/8/06 - 11 months

Dr. Feller
Bringitback: 3000 strip
5/26/06 - day 2
Dr. Feller
Specs: 114 FUE in strip scar
9/1/05 - 8 months

6/15/05 - 6 months

Dr. Feller
Specs: 900 FUE
hairline 60+ per cm2
8/31/05 - 1 year

6/7/05 - 9 months

Dr. Feller
Bukkaroo 1150 FUE
1/10/05 - immediately post op

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Eyelash transplant results by Dr. Robert Jones, using minimally invasive FUE hair transplant technique. No knife, no scalpel, no stitches,  no visible scarring. This technique can work very well for both eyebrow and eyelash loss. Very often, 1 session is all it takes.
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Dr. Bisanga compilation of FUE donor photos post op.
Dr. Jones hair transplant, 3400 grafts STRIP on a Norwood 5 patient.  
Alvi Armani hair transplant update, 2200 grafts FUE, 1 year. No knife, no stitches.
Hairline repair using FUE or CIT extraction technique.
80 FUE grafts into strip scar. Results at 8 and 24 months.

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