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 Hair Transplant Cost can vary significantly from one clinic to another. A lot depends on the technique that you choose. For example, FUE hair transplants are usually more expensive than traditional STRIP technique. In some instances, FUE can be twice as expensive than STRIP. Price is also determined by the total number of grafts you need. Most doctors give discounts if you proceed with a larger procedure. Last but not least, hair transplant cost is largely dependent on the doctor. The price differential can be as much as 50% or more depending on the doctor you choose. Prices are usually more expensive in the US and Europe than the rest of the world.

When it comes to making a hair transplant decision, do not base your decision on price alone. There are very expensive doctors who do poor work, and there are inexpensive doctors who do top notch work as well. Go with a doctor who has been able to produce consistent results over an extended period of time instead.

Where possible, research our forum and our hair transplant reviews section. There you will be able to find thousands of patient results, before and after photos, independent reviews and more. That would be a good way to jump start your hair restoration research.

The following is compiled by HairSite from time to time
and is believed to be accurate at the time when this is published.
For the most current pricing information, please contact the
respective doctor or clinic directly

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FUE $ / graft BHT $ / graft STRIP $ / graft
Alvi Armani $7-9 not offered tba
Dr. Bauman, Florida, US $15 regular FUE. Eyebrow & eyelash transplant about $2000 - $3000 flat for 1 session not offered tba
Dr. Bisanga, Belgium FUE 500-1000 5.5 euros, 1001-2500 4.00 euros and 2501 + 3.85 euros based on the individual's needs evaluated on a case by case basis 2000-3000 2.85 Euros 3001-4000 2.75 euros and 4000 + 2.55 euros
Dr. John Cole, Atlanta, US $8 per graft (donor area shaved). Different fee available for those who do not wish to shave the donor $8 $6
Hasson & Wong, Vancouver, Canada n/a n/a $5 per graft for the first 2000 grafts. $3 thereafter.

HDC, Cyprus Europe
Euro 4.0 Euro 5.0 Euro 2.5

Dr. Robert Jones, Toronto Canada
$8 $10 tba
Dr. Nigam, Mumbai India $0.8 $1 tba
Dr. Arvind Poswal, New Delhi, India $4.0 per graft for the first 3000 grafts, $3.5 thereafter $4.0 per graft for the first 3000 grafts, $3.5 thereafter $1.25 per graft for the first 2000 grafts, $1 thereafter.
Dr. Rashid, Houston TX $3.75 - $6.50 per graft not offered not offered
Dr. Ray Woods, Sydney, Australia based on the individual's needs evaluated on a case by case basis based on the individual's needs evaluated on a case by case basis not offered

Dr. Sanusi Umar, Los Angeles, US
based on the individual's needs evaluated on a case by case basis, approx $7-$10 per graft based on the individual's needs evaluated on a case by case basis, approx $7-$10 per graft not offered

Other doctors who offer FUE

Dr. Bazan -
FUE, 0.7mm extractor, first 2,000 grafts..................$3 each
FUE, 0,7mm extractor, from graft 2,001 and on........$2 each

$5 per hair. Per HAIR, not graft.

Dr. Feller -
FUE $10 per graft.
Strip - TBA

Gho Clinic -
one full day treatment costs EUR 3300; two full day treatment costs EUR 6500. About 400-450 grafts per treatment.

Hairline Clinic -
FUE Euro 3.50 per graft.

Prohair Clinic Belgium - Dr. Ilter & Dr. De Reys
3.5 Euro per graft up to 1000 grafts, 1,5 thereafter.
Maximum daily sessions : 2500 FUE
Maximum 2 day session : 4000 FUE grafts (depending on donor situation)

Dr. Rose -
FUE, $7 per graft on cases of 1000 grafts or more.
Strip - TBA

Dr. Wolf -
FUE, $7 per graft for 700+ grafts.
Strip - TBA.

Before you choose any hair restoration doctor for your procedure, you may also want to check out our worldwide hair transplant patient reviews and result statistics page, this has year to date patient data for hair transplant doctors around the world.


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