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Hair Transplant Strip Scars repair options for people who had STRIP hair transplant done in the past.

Before FUE hair transplant was invented, hair transplant was done by removing a strip of skin from the back of the patient's head, hence the term STRIP transplants. Because of the way the donor follicles are harvested, all Strip procedures will result in a permanent linear scar across the back of the patient's head. As a matter of fact, even though FUE was invented and has been used for almost a decade, till this date, 99% of the doctors still perform STRIP procedures on their hair loss patients.

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. It is a hair restoration donor harvesting technique. The advantages of FUE is that it is minimally invasive and it does not leave a linear scar across the patient's head.

For those who had strip procedures done, they literally have to live with a permanent linear scar for the rest of their lives. The only way to hide the strip scar is to grow your hair long so that it covers the scar. Sadly, very often, the scar tends to widen and stretch over time, so for some patients who had strip procedures done, wearing their hair long is not enough to camouflage the scars. Sooner or later, they will have to do something about the scars that keep widening.

The following photos illustrate the old Strip harvesting technique and the resulting strip scar that needs to be camouflaged with long hair.

hair transplant scar
widening hair transplant scar, before FUE repair

Options for strip scars repair - some doctors would recommend doing a scar revision in order to minimize the ever widening strip scar. In essence, a scar revision is to remove the excess scar tissue. While this will work to a certain extent in minimizing the size of the scar, the scar will still be there nonetheless (just less wide) and over time, it may once again widen or stretch again depending on the patient's scalp laxity.

A more effective and long term solution is to put FUE grafts into the strip scars. It is basically transplanting grafts into the scar tissue in order to break up the scar appearance. This solution is very cost effective because you do not need a lot of grafts in order to create the illusion of a nice camouflage. The effect is permanent.

More recently, Dr. Arvind and Dr. Umar discovers that beard hairs actually hold great potential in fixing hair transplant strip scars. It is found that beard hairs are particularly robust and they are great donor source for scars repair procedure.

Here we have some cases of strip scars repair using FUE technique or body or beard hairs as donor.

Successful strip scars repair cases, FUE into Strip scars:

Dr. Umar, FUE into strip scars, 5 months result.
Dr. Jones, 250 FUE grafts into strip scar.
Dr. Jones, 1000 BHT body hair grafts into strip scar.
Dr. Jones, 300 grafts into wide strip scars.
Dr. Jones, 200 BHT body hair grafts into strip scar.
Dr. Umar, beard grafts into scar video.
Dr. Cole, FUE & BHT into strip scar.

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