• Prescription drug - available at any pharmacy
  • About US $30 for three months' supply.

The following is a summary of the clinical pharmacology provided by the manufacturer of Diane-35 ED. Please consult your doctor before you proceed to take this pill.

  • Diane-35 ED is intended for female use only. It is formulated for the treatment of acne. Some women also take Diane-35 ED for the treatment of excessive body or facial hair as well as oily scalp and greasy hair etc.
  • Diane-35 ED regulates the activity of the sebaceous gland. It is a kind of anti-androgen. Androgen is a kind of male hormone. Women who produce too much androgen in their body may develop acne, excessive facial or body hair, oily scalp and greasy hair etc. 
  • The main ingredients in Diane-35 ED are cyproterone acetate and ethinylestradlol. Cyproterone acetate regulates or reduces the production of androgen in our body.
  • According to the manufacturer, the main ingredient of Diane-35 - cyproterone acetate - has similar properties as the female sex hormone progesterone. When combined with ethinylestradiol, an estrogen, Diane-35 can be used as an effective oral contraceptive.
  • The manufacturer adds that before using Diane-35 ED, it is important to know that you are not already pregnant. You should go through a thorough medical and gynaecological examination conducted by your doctor before considering using this drug. Also, patients should not take Diane-35 ED if any of the following medical conditions exist:
    • pregnancy
    • severe disturbances of liver function
    • jaundice or persistent itching during a previous pregnancy
    • lactation
    • Dublin-John syndrome
    • Rotor syndrome
    • liver tumors
    • blood clots
    • diabetes
    • undiagonsed vaginal bleeding
    • migraine
    • disturbances of fat metabolism
    • sickle-cell anaemia
  • Some of the side effects from Diane-35 ED include:
    • headaches
    • migraine
    • gastric upsets
    • nausea
    • feeling of tension in the breasts
    • changes in body weight
    • changes in libido
    • depressive moods
    • allergic skin rash
    • poor tolerance of contact lens
  • Patients should consult their doctors about any change in their well-being while taking Diane 35 ED. If any of the following occur, patients should immediately discontinue the medication and consult the advice of a doctor:
    • migrainous headaches for the first time or more frequent occurrence of unusually severe headaches
    • sudden perceptual disorders, eg: disturbances of vision or hearing
    • unusual pains in or swelling of the legs
    • severe pains on breathing or coughing for no apparent reason
    • feeling of pain or lightness in the chest
    • pending operations
    • significant rise in blood pressure
    • pregnancy
  • Since Diane-35 ED is an anti-androgen, some women use it for treating hair loss, although the drug is not originally formulated for that purpose. For more discussion about Diane-35 ED, please do to HairSite's DISCUSSION GROUP and look for the topic "FEMALE PATTERN BALDNESS".



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