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PRP HAIR TREATMENT DOCTOR doctors and clinics that offer Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) hair regeneration treatment for men and women with hair loss or thinning hair. The process is non-surgical and minimally invasive. It is considered a type of cell based hair restoration procedure.  Platelet rich plasma, (PRP) is derived from our patient’s own blood and is rich in growth factors. Because it is derived from your own blood, it is termed autologous and is safe. It is a cell based therapy using the patients own growth factors. The growth factors are concentrated however. The concentration of platelets is increased often over 5 times their natural concentration. This results in a super concentration of beneficial growth factors. The benefits of this therapy have been understood for years in many disciplines of medicine, but only recently have they been applied to hair restoration surgery and hair restoration in general. There are numerous reports that PRP promotes faster healing, but it is still to early to say that it increases hair coverage or a higher yield of graft growth. .  

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a proven treatment in the medical world for many conditions. Recently, PRP is applied in the field of hair restoration and has created quite a buzz in the hair loss community. More and more doctors are now embracing Platelet Rich Plasma as a hair treatment for their patients. While early results have been encouraging for some patients, PRP's long term results are yet unknown and it is suspected that repeat treatments are necessary to maintain the results.

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The following doctors or clinics offer free consultation to HairSite readers on PRP related questions.

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Dr. Cole

Dr. Hitzig

Dr. Robert Jones

Dr. Bisanga

dr cole hair transplant
Atlanta, US

dr gary hitzig
New York, US

dr jones hair transplant
Toronto, Canada

dr bisanga hair transplant
Brussels, Belgium

 Nigam Goodhealth Pvt Ltd

 Dr. Raghu Reddy

Dr. Sajal Halder

 Dr. Anthony Bared

dr vivek nigam mumbai india
Nigam Goodhealt Pvt

dr reddy hair transplant
London, UK

dr sajal halder
Dr. Sajal Halder, India

dr bared hair transplant miami
Miami, FL, US

Dr. Arihant Surana (Alvi Armani)

Dr. Baubac (Alvi Armani)

 Dr. Koray Erdogan - ASMED

 Dr. Hakan Doganay - AHD

Dr. Arihant Surana, Delhi, India

dr baubac hair transplant
Beverly Hills, US

dr koray erdogan hair transplant
Istanbul, Turkey

dr hakan doganay hair transplant turkey
Antalya, Turkey


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scalp pigmentation tattoo
HIS Scalp Pigmentation Clinic

Scalp pigmentation is a new treatment option that is gaining popularity among hair loss sufferers around the world. This treatment can simulate the illusion of real hair in the most fashionable and modern style of your choice without involving an actual hair transplant surgery. The results are extremely natural and there is little or no requirement for maintenance.

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Hair Transplant Physician Training
Considering making hair restoration your career or upgrading your existing clinic with the latest techniques? Here is your opportunity to receive world class training from some of the top ranked hair transplant surgeons in the world. Countless curriculum for you to choose from with hands on training being offered at different locations around the world.



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