PART I - BACKGROUND INFORMATION-based on reading materials provided by company
AVAILABILITY Nioxin Research Laboratories, Inc.

1781 Westfork Drive, Suite 101-104

Lithia Springs, GA 30057 USA

Tel: 404-944-1308 / toll free in US 1-800-628-9890

AVAILABLE SINCE under construction - to be updated.
  • Not a drug.
  • Nioxin provides an all natural hair care system designed to reduce excessive hair loss.
  • Complete line of hair care products, including:
    • Bionutrient Cleanser
    • Scalp Therapy
    • Nx3
    • Bionutrient treatments
    • NIogel
    • Niospray
    • Recharging Complex
  • Some of the ingredients used in the Nioxin line of products are:
    • Dehydrolyzed mucopoloysaccharides
    • Biotin
    • Ginseng extract
    • Saw palmetto extract
    • Superoxide dismutase
    • Niacin
    • Specially formulated Nioxin complex
  • Contact company for details regarding active ingredients used in the Nioxin line of products, or e-mail
  • Varies.
  • Not available


    • Nioxin has one of the most comprehensive ingredient list in the business. Most products in the Nioxin product line include many advanced ingredients that are known to be beneficial to hair care.
    • The company makes several referneces as to how Nioxin can assist people who are experiencing extreme thinning of the hair or balding.Consumers should be careful not to confuse Nioxin as a product that will grow hair. In fact, company specifically says "Nioxin does not claim to grow hair". What Nioxin does is to "put the scalp in the optimum condition to allow regrowth".
    • Submitted 6/26/97 by TOK
    • E-mail address of author may be obtained by contacting
    • I am 22 years old and have been experiencing hair loss for a year and a half. I began using the Nioxin treatment in hope I would see regrowth. Aparently the product IS NOT A REGROWTH solution. I will attest to the fact that it does significantly reduce the daily hair loss seen in the shower. I was on the product for about 3 months and saw no imporvement only a creeping hair line. Out of frustration and a trip where it was too difficult to use the product as directed, I saw a much larger amount of daily hair loss, and a once creeping hair line was a diminishing one. During the time I was off the shampoo, my drain would clog with the amount of hair from my head. Out of amazement, I began the Nioxin treatment again and have followed it religiously ever since. Again, I have not seen any regrowth, and I guess now I don't expect it, but now the loss has been slowed down (I'm not even sure if that is the best for my mental health, but it's better than being completely bald by the time I 'm 23). The regime I use is the Nioxin bionutrient cleanser #1 as my first shampoo, (Trick don't massage it in like other shamppoos) let it sit for a few seconds, rinse it out, apply the scalp therapy to the hairline and the crown, and let that sit for about two or three minutes, it's actually kinda therapeutic. Then I blot my hair, apply Nioxin NX 3 nutrient booster (no idea what that does, but I use it and it's expensive) then i use the bionutrient treatment bottle #2, wait a minute and comb it through with a wide toothed comb. Again, this has not produced any hair regrowth, but it has helped reduce the amount of hair I lose in the shower. I really hope this may help, and the thing I'm really trying to keep in mind is that hair does not make you a better person and does not change the person you are inside. God, If I could only practise what I preach.
    • Good luck to you all. Cheers TOK
    • Submitted 10/1/97 by D.B.
    • E-mail address of author may be obtained by contacting

    I noticed (rather my peers noticed) hair loss when I was 19. I'm 21 now and my loss is significant. When I was 19, I vigoriously used new shampoos, vitamins, about everything possible. I began using Nioxin about a year and a half everyday. I have come to the conclusion that there is no cure for hair loss. I think every product, especially Nioxin since it is a rip-off, is nothing but a shady and unclear product that takes advantage of the paranoid and over-trusting public. They purposedly "attack" your self-conscience and CHECKBOOK. The retailers have no clue how the product works (or if it works). They KNOW how to sell it though. I decided to waste over $1,600 on hair products and it is my fault. Now that I'm 21, I look 35. My hair was extremely thick 5 years ago. I had to "thin" it just to style it. How depressing. Anyway, the advice I have to anyone wanting to buy this crap, just USE YOUR HEAD. Bald is beautiful ??

    I would like to thank this site for letting me get all this out. I do not want anything in return. I jsut wanted to get this off my chest.

    • Submitted 10/13/97 by F.H
    • E-mail address of author may be obtained by contacting

    I am a single hair salon owner/operator. My experience with Nioxin products for the past 3 years have been very positive. I believe in the products and sell them with great conviction. Myself and my customers love the products and have seen great results, from healthier hair and scalp, cure for itchy flakey scalp, reduced hair loss to thicker, stronger hair. I have not had a customer who has had baldness cured, but have seen very thin areas of hair begin growing more densely.

    • Submitted 10/14/97 by GSM (in UK)
    • E-mail address of author may be obtained by contacting

    I ordered the 30 day starter pack for the pricely sum of nearly 50 British pounds, followed the directions religiously and regret that I'd even bothered. The Bionutrient Cleanser hardly seemed to clear the crap from the hair. The Scalp Therapy took about 15 minutes to wash out and felt like having a head full of menthol glue. The Bionutrient Cleanser caused severe irritation. After using Nioxin for over a month, the production of sebum seemed to have doubled, the scalp irritation after about 6 hrs after shampooing was almost unbearable. Far from looking good, as promised, my hair was left looking dull and lifeless, and greasy looking. Worst of all, up until starting Nioxin I had only had mild thinning at the front and the temples, but ove rthe period of use, my total hair loss has doubled. When I looked in the drain, i wasn't sure whether I'd been having a shower or had been to the barbers. The hair loss was so rapid that I had to stop using Nioxin, and went to the doctor for a full medical to try to determine if anything else was causing this extreme level of hair loss. Having been given a clean bill of health, I can only conclude, though I can't understand it, that Nioxin was to blame. A fax on the company outlining my problems and asking for advice was ignored.



    • Submitted 12/12/97 by K.L
    • E-mail address of author may be obtained by contacting

    As the husband of a Cosmotologist, you can imagine how many companies we've heard from claiming the ability (directly or indirectly) to re-grow hair. Many of our friends have tried some of these products and alas, what they get are mostly side effects. Most common seem to be drastically increased heart rate and excessive irritability. Because the main ingredient seems to be a sort of Steroid, but no new hair !

    I have used Nioxin for the last six months with very pleasing results.

    First and foremost: Nioxin does not claim to regrow hair!   In fact, their reps claim that as it stands now, hair cannot be regrown.

    If I recall, Nioxin has been researching hair loss for many years specifically for cancer patients; hair loss due to chemotherapy, radiation.... You can imagine how strict cancer doctors are when it comes to what their patients can and can't use.

    How Nioxin works (as near as I recall): "Bionutrient Cleanser #1" (shampoo) detoxifies your scalp, cleans out your pores and neutralizes or removes toxins produced both below your scalp and from environmental sources creating optimal conditions for the release of hair ALREADY growing under the scalp. Next I use "Scalp Therapy", it stimualtes the muscles and blood flow in your hair shaft to support the hair follicles causing it to stand straighter and resist being pulled out. The increased blood flow bring more food to the hair follicle. Finally I use "NX2", it is a nutrient booster best compared with how plant food works with plants. "NX3" super nourishes the hair follicle.

    Nioxin works on the scalp and not on the hair itself.

    Nioxin is all natural and extremely safe. At first, i was scared because I got some in my eyes and the tingling was intense. But I've learned from their Rep that it won't harm you at all even if you drink some accidentally (not recommended).

    The only side effect if you could call it that is your head sweats more often than usual. I connect that with the fact that every pore is open due to the detoxifying.

    • Submitted 12/13/97 by B.K
    • E-mail address of author may be obtained by contacting

    I used Nioxin Bionutrient cleanser and Scalp Therapy for 45 days because they claim that it will reduce hair loss. I thought the cleanser type shampoo was a good cleanser but they Scalp Therapy has a menthol kind of smell. The odor actually burns my eyes while in the shower and i don't like the numbing, tingling feeling at all. I stopped using the product after 45 days because the hair loss continued to increase with the product. After being off of it for a month, the hair loss went back to normal.

    • Submitted 3/29/98 by Ctlex
    • E-mail address of author may be obtained by contacting

    Re: KL's testimonial #5
    your story is great and i am in support of your venture. especially since i am in the business of growing hair and life for some people. great to see your story in bold letters announcing it to the world. thanx, ctlex


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