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Women Hair Transplant
now becoming a mainstream treatment for female hair loss, there are countless success stories with both Strip and FUE techniques that are available to give women their self esteem back.

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FUE = Follicular Unit Extraction
No Knife ▪ No Scalpel ▪ No Stitches ▪ No Linear Scarring

video courtesy of Dr. Robert Jones
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Once reserved only for men, hair transplant is now a proven treatment for many women who also suffer from hair loss. With the advance of FUE technique, hair transplant can be particularly suitable for some women because of the minimal trauma involved in the procedure.

In the old days, hair transplant was done by removing an entire strip of skin from the patient head. The technician then dissect the follicles from the skin and then transplant the follicles to the thinning or balding areas of the patient. It is a very involved and traumatic experience for the patient, often associated with complications if the procedure is done incorrectly. That was until the invention of FUE technique by Dr. Ray Woods & Dr. Angela Woods-Campbell.

With FUE, follicles are literally extracted ONE AT A TIME with a minimum of trauma from the patient's donor site. The follicles are then transplanted to the thinning areas one at a time. 

No knife, scalpel, no stitches,
no visible scarring, no trauma

FUE donor follicle extraction, one follicle at a time

New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, London, Manchester, Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, India, Dubai, Australia, and more...

UK Female Hair Transplant, HDC Hair Clinic, 2000 grafts

Women Hair Transplant Dr. Cole's patient - 1800 grafts
Atlanta, U.S

Women Hair Transplant HDC's patient - 1754 grafts
Cyprus, Europe

Women Hair Transplant Dr. Bauman's patient - 1700 grafts
Florida, U.S

Women Hair Transplant Dr. Bauman's patient - 1700 grafts
Florida, U.S

Female Hair Transplant Dr. Umar Lupus patient - 950 grafts
California, U.S

Florida Hair Transplant, Global Hair Institute, 1000 grafts FUE

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