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I disagree (Drugs & Medications)

posted by Jacob E-mail, 27.07.2013, 02:03

"Okay, this will be my last reply, because you're clearly one of those internet folks that love to argue. "

Is that supposed to prevent me from responding? ;-) I think one could say the same of you.

"A meaningless comment, intended to offend. It failed."

You mean like calling what I was bringing up- whining?

"No, it's whining to whine about someone's comments. "Gasp! He's a sexist!" I don't care."

But that was your attempt to offend- calling it whining. I was merely pointing out that he and his honey were doing that instead of actually responding to what was being said and/or what was being requested.

"Wife. Yes, she would. She doesn't like men (I use the term loosely) who obsess about people being sexist."

So she likes wimps that have to resort to that. I get it.

"I didn't say Kevin's were "great", although I can tell you wish I had so you'd have a point to make. I contrasted them with the photos that HT doctors typically post, and said, "He's just some guy in his living room taking pictures of the top of his head, but his befores and afters are consistent in every respect, so we can safely draw the conclusion that he has more hair now than when he started.""

Exactly- "safely draw the conclusion that he has more hair now than when he started". No, we cannot draw that conclusion. Not even close. Unless you're referring to his hair has just grown out.

"Unless you can quote me saying Kevin's photos are perfect, this sentence is meaningless. We are discussing whether the thread about Kevin should be deleted, not whether his photos are perfect."

I never said you said they were perfect. So your argument is meaningless.

"Nothing, but he is under no obligation to pay any attention to you (as I shall cease to do after this post)."

And yet he does. Even after he said he was done with me.

"Maybe it's your approach. Or maybe he's a liar. Either way, I don't think his thread needs to be deleted just because a couple of people here have gotten their shorts in a twist. I'm for freedom of speech, and for people to use their judgment about what is said. People don't need you to protect them."

And they don't need you to protect them either. Run along. ;-)

"I am not defending him. I'm saying the thread should not be deleted. People should exercise their freedom of choice to either believe him, not believe him, or reserve judgment...just as they do when Dr Nigam posts. Some people believe Dr Nigam, some don't, and some reserve judgment."

Actually you were defending him.

"His full quote is, "And to answer the question about why I created a donation website. It's simply because I want to make money off of this regimen. This hair project has cost me a fortune and I do need support to continue. By using myself as a guinea pig to find something that works, I believe I have the right to ask." He's right. He has the right to ask. And I have the right to laugh at the request, like I suspect everyone else here is doing. If I had as much money as Bill Gates, I still wouldn't send Kevin one thin dime. He didn't undertake this regimen as some sort of humanitarian effort. He did it because he wanted his hair back. Fine. If he wants it, he can pay for it like the rest of us are doing. That being said, he can ask for money until he's blue in the face."

See, you're defending him again.

"With that, I'm done. You can respond if you like, but I won't bother to read what you write."

Yes you will. And you did :waving:

Jacob is located in [NA] and he is available to meet: NO

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