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what you need to know (Hair Transplant)

posted by JoeTillman, Vancouver, BC Canada, 13.05.2016, 15:50

Hi Dr. Woods,

We are getting off topic here but I'll entertain your comment.

"Speaking of Joe, he went back 25 years to find 5 pics with poor lighting..taken with a SONY TRV 500, BUT, the videos were can watch "roman..worlds first body hair" and others shown here from 1998...seems hes kinda obsessed with digging some dirt good luck with that Joe

By the way Joe, you disclose AFFILIATIONS with several clinics..can you disclose the nature of these affliations...and how keen are you to dig back 25 years to check if there are any "skeletons"in the closet..and if, hypothetically there were, how eager would you be to dislose it publically here with the same relish you found 5 or so photos of mine with lighting issues 20 years ago ??"

I don't know what you're referring to by "digging some dirt" from 25 years ago. The photos I reference are on the latest and current version of your website. No digging required. This is your website, yes?

If these photos are from 25 years ago, and you "dumped photos" altogether, why have them on your new website? Was it webmaster error? Whom I work with is irrelevant as is the 25 year history comment as I did not research through 25 years of your history for these photos. It took two clinics to find them. One click from your signature, the second click on your website. Done.

"So yes, not every disclaimer has a specific gag clause because it is , as explained above, the " meat " of the disclaimer itself"

The original issue is that you are making claims about how disclaimers work and you specifically stated that there are pre-surgical gag forms. This has been a consistent message from you and only now that your message has been challenged do you admit that there are in fact no pre-surgical gag forms to speak of.

I honestly had never given your warnings about this much thought but as I consider your message I realize that this has been part of your self-promotion from the start but it has been a twisted version of reality that simply doesn't exist. I do not care how you promote yourself. I give you credit for being the first to standardize on video for your results but your warnings about disclaimers are either misguided by a lack of understanding or you are intentionally using your countries lack of oversight as an advantage that doesn't actually exist. You are simply taking advantage of the fact that Australian law does not require you to gain patient consent while North American and EU laws do.

I am no legal scholar but what I do know is that if one wishes to discuss their surgery, for better or for worse, there is no law of any land that prevents them from doing so. Signing a consent form does not mean they cannot talk about their surgery. Signing a consent form does not mean they can be sued. Signing a consent form means that they acknowledge that the risks of surgery have been explained, regardless of any promises (which should never be made) and that the patient understands what has been stated. BY LAW a surgery cannot proceed without these forms being signed. That is a fact, of which you are not bound to, because Australian law does not require it for FUE.

Furthermore, if a patient does in fact find that they have had a surgery which did not work out as expected then they are free to discuss it. They simply need to stick to the facts and not embellish with opinions about what may or may not have been the intentions of anyone working on them nor can they make assumptions or make up lies to strengthen their position. Speaking the truth, as the verifiable and documented facts support, and nothing more, is perfectly legal. Period. Once assumptions are made by the patient that are disparaging or comments made that are not factual then the issue of libel comes into play.

The above cannot be misconstrued by you or anyone else as being a defense of clinics using disclaimers. It is simply the way the system works and it serves to PROTECT both parties involved. In fact, it is these same disclaimers and consent forms that would compel any clinic to disclose to the patient EXACTLY how the surgery is performed. This is why if you were in North America or the EU you would not be able to continue performing your surgeries under secrecy as you have in Australia for so many years as you would be bound by law to explain to your patients exactly how your surgery is performed. You would be required to share the punch size used, if you are using manual or motorized, and if you penetrate 4mm, 5mm or if you pull the grafts out with your teeth. So you are actually protected by NOT having consent forms and YOUR patients continue, to this day, to be left in the dark regardless of how many grafts they can see being extracted via video AFTER you've used your tools to score them.

Instead of defending clinics, I've just empowered everyone reading this thread with the facts they need to understand how they can discuss their surgeries, failed or not.

This is what I have told patients in the past and this is what I would tell any doctor I work with and in fact I think that when a patient is unhappy the clinic should own up to it and move forward as best they can WITH the patient. The idea that no doctor has unsatisfied patients is simply a lie and the problem is that no clinic wants to be the first to step up and openly talk about the failures they've experienced. It is taboo in fact and I think this is wrong. To admit errors is to admit being human. It's how those errors are dealt with that matters.

I'd like to see you stop warning people about disclaimer dangers that simply don't exist. If they did, I'd be right there with you, but they don't. Are there promises being made unnecessarily? Absolutely. Are some clinics perhaps falling back on the disclaimers to remind patients of what they were supposed to realize before surgery? I would not be shocked. However, the real danger lies not on paper but with clinics that not only make false promises but promote technicians with no formal medical training as being qualified to deliver safe and responsible FUE procedures to multiple patients a day. The real danger is when the doctor does nothing more than draw a hairline. The real danger is believing that a marketing agency that represents a "doctor of the week" in a third world country has the patient's best interest in mind. I've seen first hand how this works and so it is with experience, authority and facts that I say to you that your crusade against disclaimers is mis-guided and meaningly. I believe your efforts should be used for education about the differences between medical professionals performing surgery vs. high school graduates that rent out closet space in a hospital just so they can say they are part of said hospital.

That, sir, is the real meat of the problem as it stands today. Let go of the disclaimers and embrace the real problems facing YOUR business and affecting patients worldwide; cut rate feeding trough FUE clinics.

JoeTillman is located in VANCOUVER, BC CANADA and he is available to meet: YES
email to arrange a meeting.

Joe Tillman
aka "Jotronic"
Hair Transplant Mentorâ„¢

My Affiliations:
- Dr. Jerry Cooley, Charlotte NC USA
- Dr. Emorane Lupanzula, Brussels Belgium
- Dr. Bernard Arocha, Houston Texas
- Dr. Ron Shapiro
- Beauty Medical, Milan Italy

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