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To Joe Tillman (Hair Transplant)

posted by JoeTillman, Vancouver, BC Canada, 24.05.2016, 01:54


You said…

"You make it sound like I've been unfair to Dr Cole."

With all due respect, I did no such thing. You believe this only because you would expect me to. This is called confirmation bias where you expect something to be, therefore it appears to be, even when it is not. I gave no judgement about your actions. I merely made an observation about the documentation. The only opinion I made was that it is unprecedented in scale. Your initial post on HLT was 11,886 words along with multiple images. That was just one post. On this website your thread has 97 posts and you made 40 of them. Name one patient on any of the forums for the past 20 years that has come close to the scope of documentation you’ve made regarding your negative experience. For the record, I told Dr. Cole twice that he should refund your money and I said it to his face.

Again, my point was that your case, your documentation, proves that consent forms in fact do NOT act as gag orders. If they did then you would not be speaking as freely as you are due to these alleged legal constraints disguised as consent forms. I hope you understand now.


You said...

"I assume arfy took no such deal…"

You assume too much.

Quote by Arfy…

"Dr Cole promised a refund and reneged."

It was not up to Arfy. Done.

Regardless it is the fact that he signed a disclaimer before surgery that is the point and said disclaimer did not act as a gag order, as Dr. Wood’s says it does.

You however are speaking about something entirely different.

"1 sign pre consent all ok no problem

2 sign pre consent, problem = offers of part refund, free work but the legals
get deeper and more specific, releasing the physician from all responsibility"

There is no such thing as a “pre-consent” form.

To clarify, what Dr. Woods and I are discussing is his decade long claim that by gaining a signature from the patient that acknowledges that they understand the potential problems that can arise from surgery, the doctor is not only protected from a malpractice suit but it also allows the doctor to sue the patient for defamation if they speak ill of their experience. THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE. ANYWHERE.

What you are talking about is what can happen AFTER surgery when the result is not up to expectations or if problems occur. In fact, you know that your topic has to do with after surgery, and is unrelated, because you said as much in your first post in this thread.

"I would like to talk about the disclaimers, general releases that are used afterwards when a procedure has gone wrong and a client is left with nowere to go other than request a refund, this is much more interesting to me."

You even made the word "afterwards" in bold to emphasize your understanding of the situation. Here is your original post showing as much...

If you do however have proof of how a simple informed consent form, which is required in most medical jurisdictions, acts as and HAS BEEN USED AS a gag order successfully against a patient in the form of a defamation suit then please do present it. If not then nothing you have said thus far is relevant to the point.

The ridiculousness of this thread acts as a testimony to how easy it can be to use the power of distraction to avoid answering questions.

1. I provided evidence that signed informed consent forms are required by most medical jurisdictions.

2. I’ve demonstrated how signed informed consent forms do not act as gag orders and they do not automatically allow a doctor to sue his patient for defamation.

3. I asked if Dr. Woods provides all the known side effects that can manifest due to FUE surgery.

4. I’ve asked him the size(s) of his punches.

Yet thirty-eight posts later we still do not know the punch sizes and we know that instead of telling his patients about potential side effects of his surgery he instead tells them of the side effects of bad surgery performed somewhere else. We also know that he’s up to date on current reality television programming.

My questions would be answered, and quickly, had they been asked of any other clinic. Why is it so unconscionable that I ask the same of Dr. Woods?

JoeTillman is located in VANCOUVER, BC CANADA and he is available to meet: YES
email to arrange a meeting.

Joe Tillman
aka "Jotronic"
Hair Transplant Mentor™

My Affiliations:
- Dr. Jerry Cooley, Charlotte NC USA
- Dr. Emorane Lupanzula, Brussels Belgium
- Dr. Bernard Arocha, Houston Texas
- Dr. Ron Shapiro
- Beauty Medical, Milan Italy

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