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To Joe Tillman (Hair Transplant)

posted by ejj, 29.05.2016, 14:55

Joe you assume to much. Here is you`re lie Joe ...... AGAIN FOR THE UMPTEENTH TIME !!


I'm not clear how my opinion about a statement you made is a lie. What exactly is the lie? How can an opinion be a lie?

I assume you are referring to your summary of our discussion about Arfy...

When one has to make things up to support their argument they have no more argument to support. Nowhere in Arfy’s 97 post thread did he say there was a stalemate. This is your word, not his, and by providing the definition of the word stalemate does not make it a stalemate. Arfy did say, in this thread that Dr. Cole “reneged”. I’m done discussing this with you because I won’t debate against fantasy.

Joe you lied to mislead. You created a false statement to exit the argument, The false statement was that "I am making things up" I made nothing up I gave an opinion, therefore false ............

You even admit this by saying " this is your word not his" so you knew stalemate was my word, my opinion, and still went on to make a false statement saying I was "making things up to support my argument"

I did no such thing therefore a false statement. A false statement used to mislead is in fact a lie, the false statement and lie was used a a pre cursor by yourself to exit the debate, quote "done discussing this with you as wont debate against fantasy" ...... Thus misleading people as to why you were in fact really leaving the debate .......

So a false statement and a lie by you. YOU LIED TO MISLEAD

please see the above, then the below, as I really can`t be bothered explaining this to you anymore, you were lying and you got caught out .................. simples!

Joe let this go now please as I am almost beginning to feel sorry for you .... its embarrassing .. for yourself

No more rhetoric, word twisting, deflection, put your thesaurus down, and please just stop, then again you could always just man up, and apologise for lying ?

False statement
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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A lie is a statement that is known to be untrue and is used to mislead.

Word Origin
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the telling of lies, or false statements; untruthfulness:
From boyhood, he has never been good at lying.
Synonyms: falsehood, falsity, mendacity, prevarication.
Antonyms: truth, veracity.
telling or containing lies; deliberately untruthful; deceitful; false:
a lying report.
Synonyms: deceptive, misleading, mendacious, fallacious; sham, counterfeit.
Antonyms: true, candid, actual, correct, accurate, trustworthy.

Moving on (finally)

Wow Joe really is on the warpath with Doctor Woods. More deflection in the guise of humour ;

(the above was a parody of the accusation and is meant in jest. See how silly this is?)

totally predictable really, followed by more attacks on this doctor from Joe `the keyboard Warrior` and `defender of the hair transplant faith`

Again? No, I think once was enough. You can just read the first version. It's still there

So when we take this back to Dr. Woods’s point about not requiring informed consent for his patients, I think that he is being disingenuous with the subject. If he really wanted to have something to brag about he would not only make informed consent with a signature standard practice in his clinic, he would also enter into a formal agreement, in writing, stating that if the patient is unhappy with their results for any reason, they are free to say as such online with no fear of legal retribution from him, whatsoever, and that this agreement supersedes any other forms the patient may have signed in the clinic that acknowledge informed consent. The patient signs, Dr. Woods signs, everyone wins.

Thank you, it is indeed still there .......... in all its glory!

Joe attacks Doctor Woods re PRE CONSENT SURGICAL forms because he does not use them, this is his whole and complete reason for being on this thread.

Everything else he says is pure deflection techniques of which he is highly skilled at, he will not stop keep watching, watch him twist and turn ....

He has gone to great lengths even making numerous telephone calls to Australia, such is his disdain and anger towards this particular doctor.

Doctor Woods does not require his clients to sign this legal document, and never has done so

Joe wishes to `clean up` the industry by introducing a document to `supersede a document that DOES NOT EVEN EXIST in Doctor Woods practice!` At no point has he suggested he would impose this on his own affiliated list of doctors, were there is in fact a document to be superseded .... how hypocritical and telling !

The intention is for the clients being able to discuss anything they wish online ...... something that they are currently entitled to do anyway, and have been able to do so for a long time with Doctor Woods

He then says this is a `win win ` situation? the mind boggles with Joe`s logic from `aliens` `kidnappings` and `murder` to `conspiracies` against him, is the man deranged ?

He does not need anyone to embarrass him as he has accused me of trying to do, he really does a great job of this himself !

Joes whole attack on Doctor Woods in my opinion is shameful really. He will go to any extremes to enforce his point of view on others, even lying as proven above

I would expect the answer from the Australian authority, that Joe is so desperately waiting on, to try to help him get out of the `DO DO` he has created to be very pc and non committal, a little like Joes own answers as to why his affiliation with his own doctors ends.

Plenty have asked, only to have the same old vague reply rolled out by Joe, as he himself in turn wishes not to be sued ...... how ironic !

If I am wrong then I have no problem either admitting so or apologizing, as this is not about me, it is about honesty and transparency, and the wellbeing of others

Joe is to arrogant to even offer an opinion on Marco ( doctor is his former employer) and hides behind nonsense, deflecting any questions, a technique he has often accused others of

and one he himself specialises in.

He has appointed himself as some expert within the industry and assumes his opinions and views are more informed than others

His qualifications are that he is the `most documented hair transplant case out there? How exactly does this qualify him to attack

medical doctors, who have been to medical school and served their time in their profession, or patients with a similar amount or more experience than himself?

He thinks that he himself is some quality control enforcer across this industry, `the hair transplant policeman`, full of self importance ..........

He is just a client, a patient, nothing more nothing less ..... please do not forget this, a bully and liar who believes his own hype

The reality is he thrives on bullying posters with opposing views to his own, he lies when he is caught out much like an `ever so slightly more informed` school yard bully

He refuses to answer questions that he does not like with remarks like ;

The rest of your post is far too long to quote/argue so I'll summarize here

He then scrapes the bottom of the barrel, a last resort by suggesting an agenda or conspiracy against him.

He is annoyed when others join in the thread on a public forum, as if his presence and input has suddenly elevated the entire thread to that of two learned and equal opponents

of equal stature and value, two, and it can only be two, according to Joe. The educated opinions, that of a doctor and his equal joetronic, in his deluded world of equal standing, they are not equal, nowhere near

and then he wonders why Doctor Woods humors himself with his putdowns of Joe .....

He is a `busted flush` in my opinion, best avoided

His strategy now will be try to micro-analyze and challenge both the dictionary and myself, he may even `count` my words to try and worm his way out of being caught out lying, he will twist and turn like a scalded cat and go into mega deflection mode to try to divert from the fact he knowingly made false statements, untruths, which falls within the definition of lying ..........

I hope my input on this thread helps someone make a better decision. I hope they themselves find this thread and become more informed before deciding upon anything

I hope it stops people making the same mistakes I made

I had no internet many years ago. The information is out there however you have to find it and avoid the pitfalls, people who do not tell the truth are the problem

Joe`s second biggest mistake the first being that he is a liar , is that people like me genuinely only post to help others

Joe is totally incapable of understanding this, it surprises him as he naturally assumes an agenda/ conspiracy ?

No conspiracy or agenda Joe, just good old fashioned compassion, and concern for others, MOST IMPORTANTLY GOOD CONSCIENCE

you struggle to understand this, hence why you throw the term agenda or conspiracy around and auto deflect constantly to try and protect your self appointed position and income stream

it speaks volumes about yourself ... `projection` is the term to describe your behavior I believe .... look it up its quite interesting

Joe I would not be able to sleep at night if the garbage that you have spouted on this thread was the reason why someone chose a different doctor over Doctor Woods

much worse, someone in dire need of repair, think about that .... As Australia is severely lacking in skilled doctors.

It is called conscience Joe and this is WHY I HAVE POSTED, THE ONE ONLY REASON !

My conscience would trouble me if I allowed you to get away with the utter rubbish and lies you have posted here

I have spoken to many hair transplant clients who have been legally silenced by their doctors, they are out there and for you to suggest otherwise is disingenuous of you

I am happy to sign off now, as I said earlier I don't want to debate with a liar, and I have exposed Joe as such, and much, ... much more .................

A `busted flush` or in Arfy`s words `debunked` quite fitting really.


ejj is located in [NA] and he is available to meet: NO

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