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The Wet Look (Hair Transplant)

posted by jrivera3, 15.08.2010, 03:18

» Jrivera3,
» As the saying goes "for the believer no proof is necessary, for the non
» believer no proof will suffice". When it comes to HT, you shouldn't be in
» either extreme. You shouldn't be a naive believer who gets $cammed, or a
» non believer who questions everything, because it'll get you no where. In

I was questioning 1 thing: why the wet/dry before and after pics? That's not everything.

» today's internet, inundated with pictures and videos, it is hard to believe
» or doubt anything. To make it worse, cosmetic procedures are secretive, if
» people are secure enough about the appearance they wouldn't go under the
» knife in the first place. Most people who undergo a HT wants to keep it a
» secret, that's why most pictures we see in this and all other forums
» doesn't show the full face. Therefore to expect HT patients to pose as the
» forum posters desire (length or looks), is just a wishful thinking. The other reputable clinics do this routinely. When the patient is in the doctor's office, they take dry before pics, so they can make an apples to apples comparison. This is easy, and s.o.p., for so many reputable clinics. It is far from wishful thinking.

» We can talk all day about protocols for pictures, documentation etc., but
» when you’re dealing with customers and patients in real life it’s a
» totally different ball game. You’re dealing with human beings, they come
» in all sizes, shapes and colors. Some times they are adamant and push for
» a last minute appointment, the clinic could be under-staffed, a supervisor
» for the photo documentation might be absent, if things can go wrong it’ll.
» Just go to a professionally run dental clinic and see if everything runs
» smoothly everyday!

This is kind of silly. No one is going to push for a last minute appointment that is so last minute that it's like....literally in one minute that they get a surgery. And even if, in some strange world, this did actually happen, then there wouldn't be ANY pictures. But here we have pictures. They're just wet.

What size or shape the patient is doesn't have any relevance at all as to whether you take a picture of his hair wet or dry.

If the clinic is under-staffed, then...who is taking the pictures with wet hair?

If the supervisor is absent, then...who is taking the pictures with wet hair?

None of these explanations add up.

I've been to the dentist. They always ask if you've had x-rays, and if you haven't, they do them. And they do them in a standard way. All the dentists I've been to take the same set of pictures. What kind of dentists are you going to man?

» Coming to this particular case, the before and after pictures are not shot
» in exact conditions and it’s not ideal, but you can't deny the quality of
» the result here. Of course the patient paid for it, but the result is
» there. If you can't see it, don’t waste your time, a HT is not for you.

This is the whole point. How can you compare apples to oranges? Are you really sure of what you're seeing? What did the patient look like before the surgery with dry, styled hair? You have no idea. No way to compare. Ironically, if you accept a result that is based on wet before and dry after pics...well, then maybe a HT is not for you. No joke man, in all seriousness. I really mean that with sincere concern for what you are saying.

» Pats205 has been an active poster here for a long time. He follows the
» results and posts, in this forum, meticulously. If he quotes a number or a
» statistic based on the results he has seen here over the years, he has
» earned a right to do so, by being an active member of this forum. Just
» showing up here one day and questioning his statements in insinuating
» manner shows a motive or in other words an agenda! No one earns a right to make stuff up, I don't care how many posts they make or read. I'm sorry. I'm not saying Pats205 made anything up, but so far, he has not provided any evidence showing where he got that number. So as far as you and I really know, he could have made those numbers up. Again, not saying he did, but where's the proof? Do you just take a salesman's word for something? If Pats205 provides some kind of proof, I'll apologize to Pats205 on this board for considering the possibility that he made the number up, deal?

I thought anyone could ask questions of any clinic here, no matter when they join? Is this not the case? Do I have to make a certain number of posts before I can ask a question?

As I explained, I questioned Pats205 because that was the ONLY thread on the page discussing wet before pics, which is a pet peeve of mine. And I made a pretty detailed explanation of what my "agenda" is.

You're not even "insinuating" anything about me, you're flat out saying I have an agenda.....because I'm questioning some one? So does that mean you have an "agenda" against me? This could go round and round....

Find me another thread where someone is posting wet before pics and I'll show you what my agenda is.

jrivera3 is located in [NA] and he is available to meet: NO

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