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The Wet Look (Hair Transplant)

posted by jrivera3, 15.08.2010, 19:09

» Jrivera,
» From reading some of your posts and knowing that you're fairly new to this
» forum I clearly understand your agenda and that is to attack the Armani
» Clinic for unknown reasons. I am one of Dr. Armani's many patients and all
» I can tell you is that all this junk that your writing has no meaning when
» a real patient reads your posts. What puts you in a position to post
» comments and accusations about a clinic that you have never really
» experienced?

Actually, if you did really read my post, it clearly states what my 'agenda' is. And it's not what you said. So you either didn't read my post, or you think I'm lying? Which one is it man, just come out and say it. And yet you accuse me of having an "agenda" to attack a clinic's reputation? You're pretty much doing the exact same thing to me as what you're accusing me of. Pretty hypocritical dude.

The "junk" that I post, as you call it, clearly DOES have meaning to a real patient, as hairlove has JUST said I have valid points. So, you are just flat wrong on the facts that can be seen in this very thread.

What puts me in a position to post comments? What the heck? Are you seriously asking me that? Isn't this a discussion forum?

And what accusations have I made? Can you state them specifically? I doubt it.

» I came to Dr. Armani NW6 and now I have a head full of hair and their are
» many pictures of what you call wet/dry or however you want to describe them
» on this forum to prove that.

Yea, MANY MANY pictures. Like... more than I've ever seen one patient post. I think it's great when patients post pictures. Usually they post updates every month or so for the first year, then move on. But I've never seen someone post so many of his pics to so many forums for so many years. And you think I have an agenda?

» I my opinion the only people that can judge whatever pictures and results
» get posted are the real patients and not someone like you who's agenda on
» this forum is to attack and hope to ruin a clinics reputation. We post
» these pictures to help others and to guide them to the right clinics
» because if it wasn't for forum like this and posts of real patients I would
» have never came across Alvi-Armani.

Frankly, your opinion is only that, an opinion. You can express it, that's fine, but I don't care if you think only patients can judge pictures. You don't run this forum, right? My opinion is, I think anyone can judge pictures. As far as I'm aware, there's no rule on this forum against that. So I disagree with your opinion, and really don't care what you think the rules should be, because you don't run this forum, thought it sounds like you sure THINK you do. As long as I'm within the rules of the forum, I can post my opinions. Sorry.

You post pictures to "guide" others to the "right" clinics. I'm sorry, this screams agenda. SCREAMS. And it makes me laugh (and cry a little) to see how blind you are, that you actually have the cajones to accuse me of having an "agenda". Methinks the patient doth protest too much....

jrivera3 is located in [NA] and he is available to meet: NO

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