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Armani Clinic, Dr. Baubac Hayatdavouti - 2000 graft FUE procedure (Hair Transplant)

posted by Bradley09, 29.06.2012, 23:52

Hello all, I am a return patient of the Armani clinic and I'd like to tell you a little bit about my history and the experience I had with my most recent procedure. I have been a patient of the Armani clinic in Beverly Hills since 2007. I was 22 at the time I first made the decision to address my hair loss which at that point I was experiencing in zone 1 (the hairline) of my scalp. I had my first procedure with Dr. Armani that November when their Beverly Hills clinic had just opened. The procedure was around 2200 grafts focused on zone 1 to address my receding hairline. I had my hairline lowered a bit and filled in, and very much liked the design of it. In August of 2009 I went back for a touch up procedure of 525 grafts to address some thin areas and further recession. Since that last procedure my hair loss had continued to increase further back behind zone 1 into zone two around my forelock and temple areas, so I talked to Eric Fay about setting up another procedure which we worked out would be on the 26th.
As of today I am 3 days out from this procedure. I took the 5 hour drive down to LA (I'm lucky to live fairly close to the clinic) and spent the night at the Best Western Carlyle which was a couple blocks from the office. The next morning I went in at 7:30 and met with Jeff Allen, the Patient Coordinator to go over all of the paperwork and have a set of pre-op photos taken which would be reviewed by Dr. Hayatdavoudi before we sat down and went over the final plan for the procedure. Jeff then took me back to Dr. H's office where I discussed with him and his assistant surgeon Jacque about what we thought were the most important areas to focus on and what kind of result to shoot for. We went over the pre-op photos together and had the same feelings about the areas that needed to be addressed, which were zones 1 and 2 behind my previous work and into my temples and forelock area. We agreed on a procedure of around 2000 grafts in order to achieve good coverage in these areas and I felt confident in his recommendation and what could be accomplished. Talking to Dr. H as usual was easy and comforting. Even having two procedures behind me I have to say I walked in that morning feeling very nervous but I dropped a lot of the anxiety I was feeling when we sat down and went over everything with him and Jacque.
After going over the plan for the day they took me back to get dressed and then to the surgery room, maybe around 8:30 or 9. I met two of the technicians that were there for my 2009 procedure, John and Flora and catching up with them a bit made me feel even more relaxed. The procedure was about the same this time as the previous ones but this time around it felt like it went very smoothly. Having been through two prior ones I knew what to expect and I think it helped a lot. The first part of the day was extraction, starting with a few not so pleasant anesthetic shots at the base of my neck which they do to block off the pinch of all the shots further up into the donor area. After these initial shots I felt almost nothing and before I knew it my donor area was completely frozen and ready for extraction. Dr. H and Jacque determined exactly where to extract the grafts they needed in order to maintain a consistent density in the back of my scalp while being able to extract a high number of grafts. During this time I actually managed to doze off several times which made the process fly by. After they were done extracting the grafts Dr. H marked out a placement design on my scalp and showed me exactly where they would be working.
We took a break for lunch, around noon I think, and they had a selection of menus from several great local restaurants with all sorts of food to choose from. I ordered a BBQ pizza with feta cheese and cilantro and it was amazing. After lunch we went back to the surgery room and Dr. H began making the incisions where the grafts would be placed. They had on some great music and we chatted a bit during the incisions and time seemed to go by pretty quickly. Before I knew it we were ready for graft placement and the tech team took over to fill the incisions. They put on From Paris with Love so I had something to watch while they worked away. The entire time the tech team and Jacque were making sure that I was comfortable, taking breaks when I needed and providing drinks and snacks. I experienced almost no pain whatsoever except for one small sting which they promptly re-froze. Honestly the atmosphere made this part of the day hardly feel like surgery at all. The techs finished placing all of the grafts, a total of 2001 right at the end of the movie, perfect timing, and I was out of the chair around 5:45. This was very surprising as I remember my first procedure running much later into the night and I couldn't believe how fast they had finished this time. After this Claire, one of the techs took me back to the dressing/wash room to make sure I was well cleaned and bandaged for the night. She went over the immediate post-op instructions with me and had Jeff Alan come back to take a few post-op pictures.
After watching some TV in the front waiting room Jeff called me back into Dr. H's office to go over post op instructions and medication once more and make sure I was set for the night. The day went by so quickly it seemed and while I felt a bit exhausted from the meds and spending the better part of a day in a chair I was actually feeling pretty good. That night the swelling finally caught up to me as the anesthetic finally started to wear off and I think that was actually more uncomfortable than any part of the procedure. I took a Percocet and Xanax and was out pretty quickly. The next morning the pain was nearly gone, just some pressure left. I went back to the clinic and met Claire for my post op wash and a brief review with Dr. H and Jacque of instructions for the coming weeks.
I couldn't have expected a better experience on Tuesday. It was the easiest procedure I've had, even though it involved more grafts than my 2009 one. The entire team was amazing. Dr. Hayatdavoudi is a very caring doctor, and it comes through in his work. I felt completely assured and comfortable in his care. He was there to answer any questions I had and checked in on me to make sure I was doing well throughout the day. I have to thank Jacque, who was there to oversee most of my procedure including the graft placement, and forgave me for managing to completely mess up his name (I somehow called him Raoul at one point but I'm sure he chalked it up to the meds I was on.) I'd also like to thank Flora, John, Claire, and the other techs who were there with me making sure I was comfortable the entire time my grafts were being placed and made the procedure that much easier on me.
All in all it was a great experience. I am looking forward to the months ahead. The 3 month wait is one of the hardest parts as I'm sure anyone who's had work previously can attest to, so hopefully I can keep myself occupied enough not to over focus on it. I am going to be taking monthly pictures as I heal and start to see growth, so I will post my progress here as it comes in. I received some immediate post op photos that I will put up in this post as well. Thank you for taking the time to read this, if you have any questions or comments I'd love to hear them.

Take Care,

Post-op (Second day) photos

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