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Hair Loss Forum - Michael_77 - procedure w/ Dr. Armani - pre-surgery jitters

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Michael_77 - procedure w/ Dr. Armani - pre-surgery jitters
(posted by michael_77, 17.12.2008, 04:29)

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I'm traveling from the US to Toronto for surgery next week. This is a pretty big deal to me and is costing me a ton. But I'm worried, even though I've done tons of research, have not heard one bad thing about Armani, and am quite sure he is the Doctor who can give me the results I want.

I'm worried about the fact that my finance company STILL(!!!) hasn't paid the balance for my surgery which I undergo next week.(even though they told me a few months ago that I'm approved)

I'm worried that something is gonna go wrong and i'll lose my deposit and the surgery will not happen.

I'm worried that Armani hasn't prescribed any blood thickeners or antibiotics (like they did at my MHR transplant surgery).

I'm worried as to why the guys at Armani haven't returned a couple of my phone calls about receiving my paperwork or bloodwork, even though its probably because they're really busy.

I'm worried that maybe all the great stuff I heard about Dr Armani is a big hoax because all the people i've ever dealt at Armani are sales-people, not doctors, and they seem so nonchalant with the whole thing- which is probably because this is pretty routine to them(???). Even though the guys at Armani seem like really chill and nice guys, I really don't know what to think about how this may reflect on what my surgery will be like. Not only do I want my experience to be really successful for me, but I want to be able to recommend Armani to my friends, who would definitely go to Dr Armani if the experience is very positive.

Once again I have never heard a bad thing about Armani! He seems very talented to me. But can anyone relate to these manic concerns/pre-surgery jitters? I know I sound like a crazy and annoying patient, but any constructive words that might alay my concerns would be seriously appreciated.

Thanks so much

1)3 MHR HTS- totally mediocre results even though I have a good bit of hair.
2)1 Armani procedure on 9/13/06. Did hairline and fixed one of two MHR scars on back of my head.
3)Going back to Armani for temple angles and mid-scalp.

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   [Showing 4 of 12 Personal journal posted by michael_77]   
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