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Hair Loss Forum - Checkingin 2.5 Months after 2nd BHT with Dr. Arvind - Dec 2006

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Checkingin 2.5 Months after 2nd BHT with Dr. Arvind - Dec 2006
(posted by checkingin, 17.12.2008, 04:29)

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Guys, I hadn't planned on posting pictures until I got around the 6 month mark. This isn't anything to get too excited about, but I definitely am having better growth now than I did previously.

I am exactly at the 2.5 month mark. Quite a few of my grafts didn't shed this time around and have actually started to grow. I did have 900 scalp grafts so that could account for some of the growth, but there is definitely growth where just body hair was transplanted.

I could shed some of these later so I still think the better evaluation period would be around 9-12 months. Anyway, here you go!!

I hope they are not too big and I shrunk them down from 837kb (pic 1) to 225kb and 960kb to 326kb for pic 2. I played around quite a bit with this.

First pic is from Nov 25 '06 - 11+ months after first procedure
Second pic is from March 1 '07 - 2.5 months after second procedure


Again, it is too early to get too excited, but this is fantastic compared to where I was last year even at the 6-7 month mark. At this point last time, I had zero growth. I actually haven't combed my hair since getting it buzzed. I've grown to like it and gotten lots of compliments about having it short. The more it grows out the more contrast there is between top and wreath. There is a very good likelihood that I will permanently adopt the buzzed style in the near future. The hair you see in back has definitely grown because you can comb some of it already!!

I've lost a considerable amount of grafts so those will be coming back (I hope) in the next 3-7 months. I still have some "retained" hair fragments that you can see under magnification.

Here are the differences from the first session to the last session. I honestly think each one played a part in results so far.

1) Buzzed head down - definitely helps for placement of slits and grafts
2) No donor sealing - left graft intact, for others it didn't make a difference, but each of has unique hair characteristics
3) 50% more hair used this time than last including 900+ scalp grafts
4) Post operative - last time, nothing except time and care given to grafts, this time used a saline solution and Dr Cole's hair cycle biotin spray

The office manager of my company said the other day that my hair is back to where it was before buzzing it down the other day. I'm actually quite a ways from that because like most people hair length aids in the coverage. Hair on top was 4-6 inches long. That takes 8-12 months to reach that length (as Britney Spears will find out). My hair on top is only 1.25 inches max using the widely accepted 1/2 inch/month growth ratio (slightly slower in Winter and slightly higher in Summer). The office manager wants me to buzz it back down because she thought it looked really good. I told her I would let it grow out because it takes months to grow out, but only 30 seconds to buzz it down.

Detailed forum discussion for these pics can be found at:

   [Showing 14 of 22 Personal journal posted by checkingin]   
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