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Sofarsogood : procedure with Dr. Umar for ultimate hairline
(posted by Sofarsogood, Los Angeles area, 17.12.2008, 04:29)

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Well Dr. Umar and I spent Saturday together creating my ultimate hairline and further feathering my 1990s FU hairline that contained some pluggy looking graphs.

I brought Dr. U. a picture of the shape of hairline I've always wanted (even before any signs of hairloss). At times, I do enjoy combing my hair off my face or gelling my hair back a la Michael Douglas in Wall Street. I also wear a ponytail from time to time with my hair tied back loosely.

As many of you here know, I had a test procedure about a year ago of just over 200 BHT (thigh hair) to soften my hairline and create a center point (small widow's peak) in front.

We had some good growth and yesterday was the day to go full-out to reshape my hairline in a less subtle way. (see picture). My former hairline wasn't too bad but over time maybe my hair has receded just enough to reveal the FUs. I know some folks might label me "hair greedy" but now that BHT is available, I could proceed with my hairline reshaping and not worry about using up precious donor hair.

In total, I believe Dr. U. got 1022 BHT graphs from my calves.

Below is my dream hairline. My hairline is higher on my face than this guys in the pic. It's the shape of his hairline that I'm after.
My old HT hairline was shaped like this ) and I am hoping it will look more like this }. Does that make sense?


Here I am from last week poolside...


Kinda straight looking hairline, IMO. Pretty run-of-the-mill but not bad for the 90s.

Let me just say that the new extraction sites are WAY smaller than my test procedure last year with Dr. U.
Those donor sites have healed very nicely and the sites from yesterday are about the size of a typed period. (.) No joke. Ok, maybe a "bolded" period.

The only problem that I know of from yesterday was that I kept falling asleep on the table (SO COMFORTABLE!) and Dr. U. experienced my "Jimmy legs" about 100 times as I kept dozing off. I thought he was going to strangle me but he was a complete gentleman as always.

Dr. U. will be posting my pre and post op photos soon.

I can't state enough how positive my two experiences were with Dr. U.
Now for some more happy growing!

Please don't flame me for indulging in what some might call a little "hair-greed".
Hoping to not think about my hairline for a long while and focus on any thinning areas that may develop (on top or in back) with Dr. U. in the future.


Detailed forum discussion for these pics can be found at:

   [Showing 3 of 7 Personal journal posted by Sofarsogood]   
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