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Sofarsogood : 12 days post op update - many pics
(posted by Sofarsogood, Los Angeles area, 17.12.2008, 04:29)

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It's been twelve days since I spent a long but fruitful Saturday day with Dr. Umar.

My hairline was trimmed back and BHT from by calves was placed in and around my existing transplanted "FUs" as he saw fit.

I'll take some leg donor pics tonight if anyone is interested.
If my surrounding leg hair was grown out, it would barely be noticeable, IMO.
I wet shaved a week before the procedure. So smooth.

I am amazed how many BHT hairs have remained in place by day 12.
No noticeable shockloss. No bleeding. Minimal swelling that lasted about four days.
So far so good!

In the first two pics my hairline looks lower than it really is so I included the pic with my eyes to show proportions.
I'm hoping Dr. Umar can elaborate on where my old hairline ends and the new one begins.
I don't believe he lowered my hairline much (maybe 2 or 3 mm?) except for the three "peaks".
He worked in between some older "pluggy" FUs and definitely softened my 1990s HT hairline, IMO.

Yep, that's leg hair on my head!


This was the goal... to reshape and soften my round hairline into a shape more like this }

My old hairline just before the procedure...


Example of the goal...


After the fact, I realized that this is my mother's hairline... Let the jokes roll. Lol.


So far, I'm thrilled. Changing the shape of my hairline has made this procedure feel much more artistic
than my other procedures where basicly I was trying to put back what was once there.
This should make a subtle yet significant difference to the overall framing of my face.
I'm so psyched!

Dr. Umar took great care in measuring out the dimensions of the model's hairline as close possible and also incorporate my facial proportions as well. Neither of us wanted to lower my existing hairline much at all. I just like the points and widow's peak.

Detailed forum discussion for these pics can be found at:

   [Showing 5 of 7 Personal journal posted by Sofarsogood]   
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