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Hair Loss Forum - Sofarsogood : 1000 BHT procedure with Dr. Umar, 4.5 months Update

SOFARSOGOOD'S Personal Journal

Sofarsogood : 1000 BHT procedure with Dr. Umar, 4.5 months Update
(posted by Sofarsogood, Los Angeles area, 17.12.2008, 04:29)

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This is what Dr. Umar said about my case:
"Sofarsogood is a known regular forum poster, and his surgery has been candidly documented from the outset in real time.

His trial run BHT surgery that aimed to feather hair line and impart a } shaped pattern was done in July of 2005 using 200+ BHT grafts and was documented in the forums from the outset:

Encouraged by his test result he presented with the following photo for his definitive procedure:



BHT has presented us with an expanded donor resource as well as variety of donor hair quality to choose from.

Because conventional hair transplantation recognizes the limitations in donor supply, hair line designs have followed a conservative pattern that seeks to impart a NW 1-2 appearance. It has thus been easy to structure elementary rules for the entry level hair specialists to follow (HT 101 so to speak).

With expanded donor supply entailed by BHT, we are now in a position to transcend these boundaries in carefully chosen cases. It is not uncommon for such patients to present with hair line photos of models and celebrities whose non recessed hair line patterns they wish to emulate. Sofarsogood and Heliboy are just a few examples of known forum posters that fall into this category. I have found years of practice in dermatology that entailed viewing a myriad of non receded hair lines to be useful in consulting this category of very discerning patients. Key to taking advantage of this expanded donor source is of course the ability to make body hair grow well on the scalp once transferred.


Sofarsogood visited my office at the 4.25 month mark after his definitive hair line BHT surgery of 1000+ LEG ONLY grafts. We used the opportunity to shoot some clear photos:

Soon after:


Pluggy hair line left side pulled back before:


Same left side pulled back at 4.25months:


Pluggy hair line right side pulled back before:


Same right side pulled back at 4.25months:


Hair line front before:


Pulled back at 4.25 months:


Hair line front at 4.25months:


Right leg soon after SFET/BHT:


Right leg at 4.25 months after SFET/BHT:


Left leg soon after SFET/BHT


Left leg at 4.25 months after SFET/BHT


Sofarsogood is satisfied at the 4.25 month mark that his aim has been achieved. However it is expected that even more improvement would occur in the ensuing several months.

Sofarsogood’s donor wounds and rapid healing is not unlike what we have observed with other SFET/BHT donor areas as has been documented for over 1 year running. As usual, no stitching or sealants of any kind was necessary."

Here are a few of my shots "in the wild" 2 outside, 1 inside in bright sunlight from sunny cali...


For the record, my test session was 200+.
My 2nd procedure was 1000+.

Dr. Umar SHAVED BACK my old HT hairline a good 1/2 inch and WORKED IN BETWEEN existing transplanted hair, placing hundreds of BHT grafts there as well as in front to create the "peaks". I believe that most of the BHT grafts were placed in-and-around that shaved portion of my hairline.

The first 200 did nicely conceal my "pluggy" work from the 1990s.
Those pix are documented here on Hairsite. That was thigh hair.
However I wanted to reshape my hairline to feature the three peaks which, as it turned out, required more grafts. This shape... }:-)
This time, calf hair was used. My body hair is average in robustness.

For the first time in a long time I feel 100% comfortable slicking my hair straight back and exposing my full hairline. Brush and let dry. I never really felt comfortable doing this even at 23 (because of recession not "pluggyness";). Yes, at the time I was going for the Pat Riley look. (Insert joke here).

Overall I am VERY happy and looking forward to the next few months and beyond.

I really feel that to anyone but us HT "experts" my HT looks seamless and getting more so everyday.

Detailed forum discussion for these pics can be found at:

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