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Hair Loss Forum - Dec 2007 procedure w Dr. Umar, Preamble

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Dec 2007 procedure w Dr. Umar, Preamble
(posted by checkingin, 01.08.2010, 23:36)

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Dec 2007 procedure w Dr. Umar, Preamble


I had another Body Hair Transplant session with Dr Umar Last December. Yes, December of 2007 and I’m just now reporting on it. For that, I must apologize sincerely to Dr Umar. I’ve been incredibly busy at work and with the kids.

First I’ll detail my session and then I’ll go into some opinions, etc. I went to Dr Umar for a consultation on October 29th of 2007. It was nice that I was able to fly out for essentially a long weekend for the consultation. My surgery took place on December 15, 16 and 17 of 2007. I’m about 3 weeks away from 12 months out.

I’ll get HairSite some pictures soon as I have edited them to hide certain parts of my face. I’m not so open as to let everyone know my business.

As for the surgery itself, everything went just fine and the location is very nice especially in winter time. I’m from the east coast, so it is very cold where I live vice the warm weather of southern California. Dr Umar makes you feel right at ease and puts in incredibly long hours. I had been through 2 previous Body Hair Transplant surgeries with Dr Arvind the previous 2 Decembers. I chose Dr Umar because I just couldn’t afford to be out of contact with my work or family that long again as I have 2 small children. I had chatted with quite a few folks who had been to Dr Umar before making my decision.

This was to be a smaller session than my two previous sessions with Dr Arvind. The session consisted of 3,885 grafts which were broken down as:

1,085 Scalp
1,135 Chest
1,389 Beard
276 Pubic

I had done a test session with Beard Hair at Dr Arvind’s place the last time (Dec of 2006) of about 250 beard hairs. All of these were placed in the strip scars. My face healed flawlessly and this was after taking 1 from very visible locations on my cheek. I was hesitant to use it on the top of my head, but I clipped several of the beard hairs in my strip scars and thought that they would still look pretty good even if they were considerably thicker.

Beard hair in addition to being a thicker caliber adds bulk and volume because of the more wavy nature of the hair itself. My hair my entire life has been very straight and fine in caliber so this is a pretty big difference from where I was as a kid. I am perfectly fine with it though as it is hair and looks fine. There are occasions when a hair or two might not lie as flat as I would like or need on a particular day. In those cases, I just cut them down to about an inch or so. I also think that beard hair grows faster than scalp hair. I went into getting the beard hair feeling that worst case scenario was that I would need to wear my hair cut as short as 1-2 inches. That hasn't turned out to be the case.

My hair seems to be ‘cycling’ every once in a while where it goes from looking really good to not so good. Sometimes, it only takes losing some hairs in a strategic spot to cause this. I felt my hair was beginning to look really good at the 5+ month mark, but then went through one of these cycles just prior to my 7 month pictures. The same thing happened around my 9 month mark. I was wondering if it was the changing of the seasons or something.

WARNING: Be careful to refer to this as ‘CYCLING’ with Dr Umar as I told him that I was going to take pictures at my 6 month mark, but that I had just undergone a recent ‘SHED’. He said that should not be ‘SHEDDING’ now and offered to fly me out at his expense for a review of the situation. I told him that I would take pictures and lets see the situation. It obviously wasn’t as bad as I had thought. He and I got a good chuckle out of that

In August, I got a couple of unsolicited compliments that really resonated. The female who has cut my hair for the last 10 years told me that I had more hair and it was thicker. Then my best friend who I talk to on the phone frequently, but don't actually see him as often as I probably should. I saw him on March 21st (last night before I turned 50) and my hair was pretty short still from being buzzed. I also saw him in early May at a golf outing. I went down to the beach in late August with my family and my 2 best friends came down for a long weekend and golf. We stayed at the same resort and I went to their room when my best friend asked on August 21 if I had something done. I asked why and he said "because you have 3 times more hair than you did in November". He asked if I had been to see Mr Ray Mr Ray Hair Weave . Previously, after some hair in the front, I'm sure you could see quite a bit of scalp and that is not the case anymore (from this angle). He made another comment in a bar later that evening and then the next day came over to look at the top of my head out in the sun while I was seated in the golf cart when we were golfing. I was sitting where my right side was facing him and he could see my side profile.

Anyway, I wanted to get this out there as I’ve intended to do so for a while. I’ll go over some of my personal observations on beard hair in a little while. Again, I apologize to Dr Umar for not getting this out sooner.

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