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Bald n bold
(posted by Dev, 17.12.2008, 04:29)

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I think of myself as young, bald (somewhat) and bold.
If you are in the same boat, read on.

Having lost hair in college was depressing. I took the decision to remedy my situation. At one stage, I wore a crap hair weave for 2 weeks.
I tried Batra's homeopathy and richfeel medicines. For me, both did not work. In my personal opinion, both are big time scams that feed off the insecurities of the bald.

I came to know about hair transplants. A lot of what I heard was negative. But, I had read that Salman Khan and Nawaz Sharif got hair transplants. They look good.
So, I decided to google hair transplants.

There are the good, bad and ugly hair transplants. :)

I did my spadework and started down the road top my hairy future.
I am happy with my decision and sharing my experience is going to help many young and bald.
I have decided to blog my experience for all to read.

   [Showing 1 of 5 Personal journal posted by Dev]   
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