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Male Pattern Baldness Facts and Myths
(posted by Michaelpang, Australia, 15.05.2012, 08:31)

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Are you experiencing excessive hair loss? Is your hairline starting to recede? Or are you starting to observe a marked thinning of your hairs? If so, you might be experiencing male pattern baldness. This condition is not something new to most of us. In fact this is so common that it is no longer new to individuals, however it can be significantly stressful for the person involved. If you think you may have male pattern baldness here are some facts and myths to help clear the air.

The facts on male pattern baldness

Male pattern baldness is also known as androgenetic alopecia, and it is a condition where the hair shrinks, thins and sheds off in a distinct pattern. It may start off as a receding hairline, or the formation of a bald spot at the occipital/crown portion of the head.

This condition is genetic in nature, this means that at some point in time your body responds to that gene leading you to start experiencing the hair loss. For some men, this can take place in midlife, while others experience it earlier during their twenties.

What happens is that your genes stimulates your hair follicles to produce the enzyme 5-alpha reductase. When it comes in contact with the hormone androgen it results to DHT (dihydrotestosterone) which is the root cause of male pattern baldness.

Male pattern baldness is not a life threatening condition however studies have shown that treatment to reverse it is limited. The usual methods to cover up or remedy the effects of this type of hair loss is to wear hair pieces or get a hair transplant procedure.

The Food and Drug Administration has also approved medications both topical and oral to counter the effects of hair loss, and to prevent it from worsening. Rogaine for instance is one of the popular brands out in the market. One caution about this though is that it can cause side effects that can have negative sexual effects on men. Therefore close observation with a doctor is necessary. Hair loss medications also have adverse effects which ironically includes hair loss.

Myths about male pattern baldness

The misconception about this condition is that the gene responsible for hair loss came from the mother’s side. The truth about this is that it can come from either parent, or it can even come from both.

Some people also believe that wearing hats can lead to hair loss. To some degree, this can be true, especially if the hat is too tight compressing proper blood circulation to the head. But this does not cause permanent baldness which is a characteristic of male pattern baldness. So don’t throw out your hats just yet, because they are not to blame for your locks shedding off. Just the same standing on your head to improve circulation to the area can’t restore your hair volume.

Contrary to most belief hair gels, mousses, pomades or other similar products don’t really cause hair loss. Although if not washed well it might affect scalp health and could possibly cause hair loss, but only temporarily. But hair products do not lead to male pattern baldness.

There are also some claims that men who are sexually active are at a high risk of going bald permanently. This is not true, and research has proven that men who have higher levels of testosterone doesn’t necessarily experience male pattern hair loss.

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