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Procedure #3 - still no improvement
(posted by mcs2010 E-mail, 15.12.2012, 17:53)

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Now going on 10 mos. post-op, the results of the transplant continue to be anything but satisfactory. The scar line is now clearly visible in this third procedure which was never visible in the first two. Again, doc confirmed he used a trico closure as he did on the first two, so I cannot understand what happened here. In addition, I have seen no improvement thus far in the areas on my scalp which had the most transplanted hairs despite the small hairs that showed up on the ProScope. Here's my last post:

I am due to come in after the first of the year (12-mo. follow-up), but I don't see how there will be any improvement as I haven't seen any up to this point. Certainly not to the scar line.

I hate to think I'd need a scar revision and a fourth "patch-up" because the third didn't come out as planned.

Until follicular replication or stem cell is available, do you think something like FUE would help in this regard? My scalp is a battlefield and I think I can no longer count on yet another future FUT strip excision.

I still have to use so much Toppik and Couvre that I need to clean the sink and vacuum the floor every day. Will that ever stop?

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