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My Experience at Dr. A's Clinic New Delhi
(posted by coolbay22 E-mail, California, 15.12.2012, 17:53)

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Images - My pre-op pics

Just completed my procedure yesterday with Dr. Ruby.
I had booked my appointment 2 months in advance for 10th dec with Dr. Arvind. Both doctor and date were changed 2 weeks before procedure sending my original plans of India visit into tailspin. This clinic needs to realize that it is not OK for someone travelling specially from abroad to change their dates and doctor the last minute. New date given was Dec 8th with Dr. Ruby.

Day 1:

Reached at scheduled time of 10AM on 8th dec. Greeted by front desk but told to take a seat.
Thereafter did some paperwork signinig and balance payment.

When I conveyed about disruption to my plans due to doctor and date changes, the lady ( I think she may be the owner ) did not seem to pay any consideration to it and was completely unprofessional. She also could not answer my queries and without any checking or consultation, started mentioning that they can do single session of 4k or 5K grafts on me, where as in US, the doc I consulted mentioned my density can only permit max of 2500 in single session. She seem to be only interested in money part.

That did leave a bad taste initially before even operation began.

Thereafter I was escorted to operation room and Dr. Ruby promptly arrived. I was put on sedative before strip removal. I did not know when they removed strip and when I woke up, the assistant staff was already placing the grafts.

Had a lunch break after some time. Assistant staff have been working for many years, I was told.
Dr. Ruby did commendable procedure and explained all the necessary steps for post-op care.
Left home in the evening at 5PM.
Before I left, another dose of local anesthasia was given on my head to lessen the pain. Was also given medicines to cover for a week.

Overall, a painless procedure and I am pleased with the operation itself by Dr. Ruby.

Day 2:

Today, I am feeling heavyness and a bit of pain over my head and taking pain killer. But overall, still feeling ok.
The instruction sheet from clinic is not much useful. I downloaded details from some other website the instructions for saline water soaks and ice pack application.

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