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My experience with Dr. Pradeep Sethi at DHT Centre
(posted by Dr. Pradeep Sethi E-mail, Dehradun and Gurgaon, 26.02.2014, 19:19)

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Before I share my experience with a daylong interaction with Dr. Pradeep, Dr. Arika and their team at their clinic in Dehradun, I would like to mention that here is a person who is so successful yet so humble and down to earth and that is actually reflected in the way he attends his patients and treats them.
Starting with my initial experience, I searched for options online. While searching I found Direct Hair transplantation as one of the best available methods. To explore further I started looking for details but did not find anything convincing except at the website of DHT. Here apart from videos, which are generally available at other websites also, there are papers and explanations regarding the process and the therapy, drafted and documented by Dr. Pradeep and Dr. Arika themselves. Your doubts, queries and fear will all be answered after reading them.
Once I had gone through them I tried to fix up an appointment leaving request on the website. I received a call within a day from clinic for the visit. But due to some reason I was not able to turn up that day. Then I came to know about another outstanding feature of the clinic- they scheduled an online appointment for me on a short notice of a day's time. I consulted Dr. Pradeep on skype, explained him my situation and clarified my few normal doubts.
Then I also visited Dr. Pradeep in Gurgaon where he visits every Saturday. The way he attended me and devoted time to me and my doubts was appreciable. I was fully convinced by then that I cannot get a better consultation and treatment anywhere else. The cost he had mentioned was far less than what is charged by other surgeons in Delhi, in spite of having an inferior technique to implant than what Dr. Sethi offers.
I decided and booked my tickets to Dehradun. My friend also accompanied me. We reached there on the morning; Dr. Pradeep had given us the address of a hotel near his clinic. We reached there early morning, relaxed and reached clinic around 8:30am. The staff was good and attended really well. The process soon started. Dr. Arika started by briefing me the major guidelines and pre surgery activities. Soon Dr. Pradeep arrived and I was moved to OT. The process started.
It was totally a different environment inside the OT that I had expected. It was not serious. People were relaxed and talking. A very good technique is used by Dr. Arika to give me anesthesia. And as the surgery progressed, the environment became more and more relaxed. Doctors kept talking me, trying to keep ne engaged. I had good time talking with Dr. Pradeep about our common interests. Later, there were songs and amusing episodes of laughter challenge that were played to keep you busy and help the doctors to have a little amusement but maintaining full concentration in the surgery.
There are multiple tea breaks in between that allowed me to get up, move around and relax. Later the lunch was offered followed by the evening tea. A very good care is taken by the staff.
I had a good number of grafts to be done for the transplantation. But during the whole period, I never felt that the staff is tired or losing concentration. Doing such a fine task for such long hours with proper concentration is commendable.
After having my dinner at 9 pm in the night, I left for the station, collecting all the required instructions, medicines given by the doctor.
I had an overnight journey in the train, reached Delhi, had rest for a day and resumed my office after that. This is the best aspect of this technique that allows you to resume your routine life in a day's time. A few precautions are to taken for a week's time. After that I resumed my pre surgery routine completely.
Even after surgery, I reached out to Dr. Pradeep to get certain instructions and every time I was answered with that unmatchable patience which is a characteristic of his personality.
It’s been a while since I had my surgery and I and my family is pretty satisfied with the results.
Thanks Dr. Pradeep, Dr. Arika and their staff to help me out.

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