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Poll Vote

Poll Vote
Comprehensive Survey for Propecia
Propecia or Proscar users, please give us your feedback. Answer any or all of the questions in this poll as you desire. Feel free to post your comments to this poll as well. This poll will be very helpful to those considering this treatment. Thank you.
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 1) How long before you noticed an improvement with Propecia?
About 3 months
About 6 months
About 9 months
About 12 months
After 12 months
I never see any results
 2) What kind of improvement did you see from Propecia?
Hair loss slowed down but no noticeable regrowth
Regrowth along the hairline and frontal areas
Regrowth in the crown area
Overall thickening
Small regrowth, negligible
No noticeable improvement
 3) Are you using Propecia together with a Minoxidil product?
 4) Have you experienced any side effects while using Propecia?
Impotence, low libido or sex drive
Gynecomestica, male breast enlargement, breast tenderness
Mood swing, low energy level
Dry skin
Decrease in body or facial hair
Allergic reaction such as rash; hives; itching, swelling of the mouth
Difficulty breathing; tightness in the chest
Testicular pain
Feeling bloated, water retention, weight gain
Loss in bone density
All of the above
The side effects I experienced are not listed above (please post your side effects)
 5) Did the Propecia related side effects go away after a few months?
No, I had to quit the medication
Experienced no side effects
I have to do something else to counteract the side effects
 6) Have you tried generic Propecia?
Yes, results are the same as the brand name Propecia, no difference
Yes, I think the brand name Propecia works better than generics
Yes, I think the generics work better than the brand name Propecia
 7) Have you ever tried to replace Propecia with Saw Palmetto?
Yes, I obtained the same results using Saw Palmetto
Yes, but the results from Saw Palmetto are not as good as Propecia
Yes, the results from Saw Palmetto are better than Propecia
 8) Had you ever stopped using Propecia at any point?
Yes, and my hair fell out about 3 months later
Yes, and my hair fell out about 6 months later
Yes, and my hair fell out about 9 months later
Yes, and my hair fell out about 1 year afterwards
Yes, and I had no shed or anything
 9) Had you tried Avodart (dutasteride) in the past and decided to switch back to Propecia?
 10) Have you switched from Propecia (1mg finasteride) to Proscar (5 mg finasteride)?
Yes, the results are better with Proscar (5 mg finasteride)
Yes, the results are the same as Propecia (1 mg finasteride)
Yes, the results are NOT as good as Propecia (1 mg finasteride)
 11) How long have you been using Propecia or Proscar?
About 1 year or less
About 2 years
About 3 years
About 4 years
Over 4 years
 12) If you are a Propecia or Proscar user, please tell us your age
under 20 years old
20-30 years old
31-40 years old
41-50 years old
Over 50
 13) Do you think that the results from Propecia or Proscar tend to level off or even decrease after a while?
Don\'t know
 14) Overall would you say that you are pleased with the results from Propecia or Proscar?
Can\'t decide
 15) Those who have Gynecomestica:
I stopped Propecia or Proscar and the problem disappeared
I had surgery done to correct the problem
I use other medications to counteract the side effect
Not me, does not apply to me, thank God!

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